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Early Learning Centre Education in Tugun

Tugun Tiny Tots® Early Learning Centre provides a high level of individual child focused care and education in a warm, loving, safe and secure family environment.


Tugun Tiny Tots® Early Learning Centre promotes a place where your child will play, learn, socialise and communicate with other children in a fun and safe environment. Our Tugun daycare education centre on the southern Gold Coast supports children to initiate and contribute to their own learning experiences that emerge from their interests and ideas.


Our daycare centre in the Southern Gold Coast offers a colourful and stimulating environment giving your child a chance to grow and develop through a sensory play-based environment. Through educator planning for your child’s learning that focus on ensuring your child is ready for the next developmental step.


Our daycare centre for kids on the southern Gold Coast provides childcare from 0-5 years old, providing children with a curriculum from the Early Years Learning framework. Our early childhood learning centre specialises in delivering the Queensland Kindergarten program to enable school readiness for children.


Our Before and After school and vacation club offers children a place to engage in play activities and learning outside the hours of school using My Time Our Place curriculum.

Tugun Tiny Tots® operates 52 weeks a year (only closed on Public holidays)


Our Early Childhood Facility in Tugun is open Monday to Friday from 6.30 am – 6.30 pm

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