How To Roll Up A Garden Hose On A Reel?

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As the weather gets nicer, many of us are keen to get our hands dirty and get our gardens looking tidy. One aspect of gardening which is important is the watering of the plants we have. Whilst a watering can is a handy garden accessory, it can make the task twice as long. That’s why many of us invest in a hose reel. With a variety of hose reel types on the market, which is best and how do you use them? I’ve got everything you need to know to make the best purchase for you and how to take care of your new garden accessory.

Types of Hose Reel

A hose reel is a great mechanism for storing your hose as well as allowing easy access. Designed to provide immediate use, you can get a variety of hose reels depending on the need as well as cord material. From lightweight designs to sturdier, heavy-duty hose reels, there’s a reel to suit every garden, use, and budget. There are three types of hose reels available on the market. They are manual, automatic, and motor-driven.

  1. Manual Hose Reel – A manual hose reel is the simplest of its kind. Featuring a metal stand and cylindrical design, It is also known as a hand crank reel as it comes with a manually turned handle when in operation. This type of reel requires manual effort to wind the hose back onto the reel. It usually has a handle that you turn to roll the hose back up. It is easy to use and portable design makes it a staple in every novice gardener’s outdoor space.
  2. Automatic Hose Reel – This type of reel uses a spring-loaded mechanism to retract the hose automatically. It usually has a lever or button that you press to release the hose and let it retract on its own.
  3. Motor-driven Hose Reel – The sturdiest and heavy-duty hose reel out of the three, the motor-driven device does it all for you. This type of reel uses an electric motor to retract the hose. It’s usually the most expensive type of reel, but it’s also the most convenient.

Each featuring its own benefits, a hose reel is perfect for every gardener.

How to Roll up Garden Hose on Different Reels?

Now that you know the different types of hose reels available, let’s discuss how to wrap a garden hose on each type of reel:

1. How to Roll up a Garden Hose on a Manual Reel?

Here are some of the easy steps on how to roll a manual hose reel.

  • Disconnect the hose from the water source.
  • Simply pull the hose to unravel. Once finished, ensure any knots within the hose have been untied.
  • Insert one end of the hose into the reel, then use the handle on the reel and simply spin to coil in the hose.
  • Avoid overlapping
  • Once the hose is fully rolled up, secure it with a strap or tie to prevent it from unwinding.

2. How to Roll up a Garden Hose on An Automatic Reel?

One of the easiest solutions to keeping your garden organized, an automatic hose reel allows you to extend as far as you need and once done, with a slight tug, the system automatically begins to retract the hose into the reel until all packed away.

3. How to Roll up a Garden Hose on a Motor-Driven Hose Reel?

  • Motor-driven steps are the same as the automatic ones, except you will need to press the power button instead of tugging it while operating.

Basic Tips to Roll up Your Garden Hose

No matter what reel you decide to buy, there are universal ways of rolling up your garden hose as well as prolonging its use.

Firstly, ensure that all the water has been drained from the hose pipe. Simply raise one end of the hose to help the water drain more easily.

Secondly, make sure the hose has no knots or kinks in it – undo them if you find any. This will ensure that the hose rolls up seamlessly and quicker.

What is the Best Garden Hose Reel?

All three have their pros and cons, and it depends on your garden and your requirements for a hose reel. If you’re after something simple, then a manual hose reel will do its job without having to break the bank. It’s a great option for smaller outdoor spaces and anyone can use it. They are also low maintenance and require no power source.

If you fancy spending a little more, then an automatic hose reel is a great option for those who like to make gardening that little bit easier. It does all the reeling in for you and works best for those who require longer hoses. You can get automatic hose reels which can be attached to the wall or be put away manually, so you get the best of both worlds.

Splashing the cash to have the best tools for your garden, a motor-driven hose reel is great for those who require hoses of extreme lengths. They tend to be heavy-duty pieces which means they can stand the test of time and the great outdoors for longer.

And there you have it, our top three hose reel choices for your garden. Whichever one you decide to go for, just know that your plants and gardens are in good care.


Rolling up a garden hose on a reel is a simple process, but it’s important to do it properly to prevent kinks and tangling. Follow the steps outlined above to roll up your garden hose on each type of reel. Remember to drain the water out of the hose before rolling it up and to keep the hose straight and taut as you coil it.

Properly using your garden hose reel is essential to maintain its lifespan and prevent damage. By choosing the right garden hose reel, cleaning your hose before storing it, winding it up properly, storing it safely, and inspecting your reel regularly, you can ensure your garden hose will stay in good condition for years to come

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