Air Conditioner Maintenance: Expectation vs Reality

Air conditioner

These days climate change has affected the way we live. The summers are getting hotter while the cold becomes unbearable when the winter sets in. That is why having an HVAC system at home is very important for a comfortable life. But at the end of the day, people make mistakes; even the experienced owners find maintenance hard.

AC Repairs saves money

The placement, the airflow inside the house, the number of occupants, etc are some of these factors that determine the ideal functioning of an air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning company will provide their customers with user manuals that contain all the necessary steps to ensure the proper working environment. But are you following these practices? Are you getting the desired output from your air conditioner?

An Integral Part of a Home

Air conditioning worldwide is a must since the weather can change at any minute. Even though the summers are short, the heat can still get to you. Always make sure to do the need for air conditioning installation while you are in the process of building a house. You can avail the help of an HVAC professional from one of the air conditioning services for further planning.

One of the most common questions to ask is what kind of AC you should choose for your home. For residential use, the common choice would be the Mini-split air conditioner, which is more suited for cooling and heating individual rooms. But you can also consider the centralised variant which is better for application in multiple rooms. Here are some of the major expectations and eventual realities of using an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Alone will do the Trick

Wrong! This is the biggest mistake you are making while getting an air conditioning unit. As you have already seen, there are multiple varieties of AC units and each of these varies in application and price. The placement of the air conditioner can make an enormous difference in the temperature of the room. For instance, the mini-split AC has two major components- the indoor and the outdoor unit.

For indoor cooling, the size or area of the room determines the air conditioning unit to be used. You can get help from an air conditioning service provider to determine the capacity of your AC unit. Apart from AC’s, the insulation of your home and the ventilation also play a vital role in keeping indoors cool and comfortable.

Install it Anywhere

It is difficult to install an air conditioning unit without prior experience. Do not do it yourself as there are many factors that may eventually render your appliance useless. Home air conditioning installation should be done where there is very little exposure to direct sunlight. This applies to both internal and external units of the mini-split AC unit. The more sunlight the device has to deal with, the more energy it has to be used to cool down the interiors. All the more reason to spend more on power bills.

Also, do not place the indoor unit above doors, because each time you open and close these doors, the cool air will escape. This will increase the load on even a Fujitsu air conditioning unit, which is considered one of the best brands. Opening the doors will increase the pressure on the device to work harder to cool the room down again.

Repair only when it is Faulty

Another common mistake that most air conditioning owners make is not getting a frequent assessment of the device’s functioning. Most often, people tend to realise if the AC works well or not. A simple step to confirm this is by cross-checking the temperatures in the thermostat and the air conditioner. Apart from a minor error range, there should not be a sizable difference in value for an ideal AC.

Frequent checkups are necessary for the durability of the appliance. An expert from a good air conditioning maintenance company can be hired for a detailed check of your AC unit. These professionals are equipped with the instruments and the knowledge to see whether all parts are doing well. Maintenance exams must be done not only for the indoor unit but also for the outdoor unit. This includes checking the voltages going into various parts, the insulation of wires, and the thermostat reading.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the above factors, you must take a look at a good thermostat. These are devices that will regulate your home temperature and keep it under control. An automatic thermostat is ideal so that it can reduce or increase temperatures without human interaction. This will save you from losing thousands of pounds in energy charges. Cleaning and clearing the ventilation is also good to get better results from the air conditioner. A simple garden hose and water are enough to clean the interiors. While you are at it, check for any rodents or nests inside it and any damaged wire insulation.