Best Painting Tips Faux Techniques

Best 8 Painting Tips Faux Techniques for Your Walls

Best 8 Painting Tips Faux Techniques for Your Walls
Best 8 Painting Tips Faux Techniques for Your Walls

We are applying a metallic suede finish and we are going to give you 8 tips to applying a metallic finish successfully. 

Tips 1 

When you’re applying a metallic finish, We are going to be going over the edges and the way we apply a metallic finish, We use a microfiber ruler and jamming roller up against my tape to do my finish along my edges. We are not going to be using a brush anywhere when we are using metallic finishes. So it’s critical when we are hitting that tape with a metallic coating that we are using a tape that’s not going to allow the product to bleed underneath it. 

The only tape that you can use that will give you success when it comes to that is frog tape. We’ve got up on ceilings, on edges, where we’ve started doing the coding. We use frog tape and there are different frog tapes you can use that have the same technology. It’s a polymer that swells up on the edge of the tape that doesn’t allow any liquid to bleed underneath. Frog tape has professional-grade blue tape. 

They also have green tape, which is a little more expensive than they also have yellow tape, which is for delicate surfaces. So choose the right tape for the right situation. We are using frog tape blue and running two. We got that tape. We are running two rows, so we don’t get anything on the adjoining surface and we are not going to get anything bleeding underneath it. When We pull my tape, it’s going to be a laser-straight line. So use frog tape on your edges. 

Tips 2 

This is working in a manageable and sizable area. We are going to have already got the first coat done. We are doing a second coat. We don’t want to work in too large of areas, otherwise, it’s going to dry too fast. We are going to have to try or manipulate to achieve the coating or a fact that we want. So we typically work about 3-foot sections. 

We are going to get my metallic finish on and then we are going to use the tool to create the fact that we want to be using it in effect. We are using a metallic suede. We are using an arrow flex to draw someone we roll on with a microfiber ruler in about a 3-foot square section. We are going to roll it on a random roll and then trial that area. Do you want to just use sizable areas? We don’t want to try to put it all on the wall all at once. 

It’s going to drive too fast. If you have issues with working, you know, because it’s too hot, the products drive too fast. You can use a long-time open glaze. We never use those glazes. We just work in manageable areas where We can work quickly and efficiently. 

Tips 3 

We are going to be working metallic suede on a random roll on an X pattern and we are going to be working to get a sizable area that we can manage about a 3-foot section. What We want to do is get my metallic finish on and we want to make sure that we get it distributed evenly. We don’t want heavier, heavy areas anywhere. We’ll get it on about a 3-foot section. We are going to random exit until it’s distributed evenly across that whole section. It’s very important to have it. 

Even now, once we get it, we can begin applying the fact that we want and we are using a metallic finish and a metal suede finish, and we are doing random arguing patterns and then you get a little something on there. So very critical to get it distributed evenly. 

Tips 4 

Once we are getting on distributed evenly and then we begin traveling and one is specifically for metallic suede, got the pattern, and it does pertain to if you’re ragging it or if your random acts that with a ruler, what we want to do or this tip does not over travel, have a tendency to do, continue traveling and working the travel too much and over traveling at high. 

We got it on and now we are going to begin traveling and we don’t want to continue to travel. We are going to hit it, get that effect that we want, We are traveling and a random, arcane emotion. We like to go in the opposite direction. 

That way we can have the look that we want from different directions at different angles that suede is going to pop in different angles. We don’t want to go in the same direction all the time but don’t over-travel, you tend to keep traveling and travel to Thailand and the stuff is going to dry quickly. Then what it’s going to happen, it’s going to start pulling and dragging and not giving you a smooth suede finish. that pertains to metallic suede. 

But even if you’re doing another type of effect, you could be using a turf tool or a rag tool. If you start to overwork it, it’s going to dry too far, too fast. Your effect probably is not going to come out to the look that you want it to look. So don’t over-travel. 

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Tips 5 

This is very important and it’s working your edges. So we are going to get a manageable area. Very important that you randomly roll and now it’s important to hit your edges. Not leave these edges left with any type of stippling, especially if you’re going to come back and not finish the job and you’re going to finish it later on because one of the great things about finishes is you can. we can stop. 

We can come back and start on this section. And you’re not going to see a difference from Kleitman’s stop. But you will if you don’t hit these edges off, these edges down. 

If you come back later, there’s going to be a stiff way of stippling and it’s going to be rough. These edges dry quicker than the center because they’re more product on the edges. 

We want to hit edges and not allow these edges to dry and stipple. So work these edges, hit them, flatten them out, and knock them down before they dry. 

That’s with Boiro coatings. That may not necessarily be true with some of the other coatings out there, but it is with both. We are going to start from probably on edge and we’ll start from the corner, work way down, and work way across the wall. 

It’s not as critical with Boiro coatings. You can start anywhere, but it’s really good practice. Just start on one end and work your way across the wall. We like to work away from that top-down so we are going to come down and across the wall. 

Tips 6 

This is keeping a wet rag with you at all times. We are keeping a wet rag in hand for cleaning the trowel because what happens is your product will dry on your trowel and then you’ll start to leave bits and pieces of your product along when you’re traveling. So we use a wet rag to wipe my trail off to keep it clean at all times. Be careful. These flex trials are pretty sharp. So when you’re wiping, you don’t want to put too much pressure and slip with your hand.

Tips 7 

This is about a tool keeping a specific Hand Tool with you at all times is a lend by scraper and things will come in handy quite often. when doing metallic finishes we got a little burr on the finish right. We did the first coat and if we don’t scrape that off when we are troweling. it’s gonna be really weird. So we can just take microfiber or not microfiber but my lin bite scraper we can scrape that off.

Tips 8 

This is going to be using another specific tool and specifically for metallic suede finishes. if you’re trying to apply a metallic suede. The Boerrow flex trowel is an amazing tool for doing metallic finishes. The trowel is very flexible and it’s going to make troweling a lot easier than using a stiff trowel.

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