Carports vs. Garages: Which are more cost-effective?

Photo by David Schultz on Unsplash

Metal carports and garages are durable and provide your stored items with all-weather coverage. For your car storage solutions or shelter, they work perfectly. A carport is a structure built over a driveway or parking area to protect from elements like rain and snow.

If you’re considering options, you can find carports for sale in your area, as well as supplies for building your garage. However, you might wonder which option is more cost-effective. Read on to find out.

Metal Garages

Metal garages are available in various designs, such as A-frame and regular-style roofs. Garages allow you to customize the space and building to cater to your needs. This means installing walk-in doors, garage doors, and windows wherever you want.

In addition, there are specialty garages that come with a specific design, but they normally come in two ways. The first way comes as a lean-to on one side of the garage, an open but separate addition for extra storage. The second way comes as a structure with only specific sides enclosed.

The main advantage of garages is they provide full coverage from elements. This means your personal items and cars receive shelter against wind, hail, rain, and sun. So, you will never need to remove snow from your car when it’s snowing. In addition, they provide security and privacy because they are enclosed and have ample space for workbenches or shelves. Also, most people feel garages are more attractive than carports, with a more polished and finished appearance.

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Metal Carports

Metal carports for sale near me are ideal for protecting your car from debris, falling branches, sap, and the sun. They are most common in areas with a warm climate and are available in numerous designs that enhance your home’s aesthetics. Some include A-frame, 2-car carports, lean-to, vertical roofs, and custom carports. So, your choice of a carport will depend on your needs. In addition, carports for sale near me have an option for customization to include features like gables, steel gauges, size, and complete or partial enclosement.

Which is Cost-effective?

Garage customization can be expensive, especially if your budget is tight. For example, the enclosed sides, doors, and windows require you to spend money on supplies and installations. In addition, garage kits can cost about twice the price of carport kits. Therefore, you should expect to spend between $10000 and $15000.

However, if you want a custom garage, be prepared to spend more. They are more expensive depending on configuration, size, finishing, and materials used. For custom garages, you may spend between $50000 and $100000.

On the other hand, carports are bought ready for installation. Therefore, they do not require enclosing or customization, making them cost-effective. In addition, most carports for sale near me provide free delivery and installation. As a result, carports are reasonably priced and are simple to build. Once you buy your ready-to-install carport, you install it yourself or hire a builder to create a custom design and construct it.

On average, carports for sale near me cost half the price of garages. So, you can expect to spend between $3000 and $10000 for purchasing and installing the carport kit. Ideally, small one-car structures are at the low end of the price range, while 2-car carports range towards the higher end. So the average cost of a carport kit is $5000 and $6000.

Carports have an easier approval process and less strict requirements because they are not livable or enclosed spaces. This means it takes less time for your town to approve them than garages.

Disadvantages of Metal Garages

Although metal garages provide full coverage from elements, they have disadvantages. The major disadvantage is that they are difficult to warm. This is because temperature changes lead to condensation, which is metal structures’ greatest enemy. As such, metal garages require good insulation because condensation corrodes the metal. However, you can use corrosion-resistant steel, which requires special maintenance and increases costs. In addition, the severe weather in winter makes the garage door locks frost, making it difficult to open.


Carports for sale near me are cost-effective because they require fewer materials. The absence of doors, windows, and walls lower overall labor costs and save time. In addition, they are quick to build because they are simple structures.