Tips for Choosing The Color of The Curtains

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

No room is completely decorated if not equipped with curtains. Now, what color of curtains to choose? How to choose the color of the curtains? It will depend on some factors, such as the square meters that that specific room has. You also have to consider the color of the walls and whether or not a lot of light enters. The degree of intimidation that you want you also have to take into account. In this post, we will give you some tips to help you choose the perfect curtains. Come on, let’s go:

The size of the room Curtains.

As we told you at the beginning, the first thing to consider is the square meters of the room you want to decorate. So we dare not tell you that:

  1. If it is a small room, better than your curtains, you opt for neutral colors, such as beige or white. These colors are the ones that provide the most fantastic sense of spaciousness. In a small room, if you choose these colors, you will make it look bigger.
  2. If the room is large, of course, you will have a broader range of opportunities. You can play with many more colors and dare with patterned curtains.

The color of the walls

Let’s go for the second point in importance—the color of the walls.

  1. If your walls are blue, our advice is to opt for white or beige curtains to give them a contrast that enhances the whole decoration.
  2. If your room walls are white, you will be able to play with many more shades of modern curtains. White is a color that can be combined with practically all types of curtains.
  3. If you have a yellow room, perhaps the most right thing is that you opt for the shades of orange and green. They are the ones that will best match you.

Considering plugins

The other big “leg” that you should look at is the style the whole room is decorated or what accessories exist in it.

  1. For example, if you are in the middle of redecorating a sleeping room, the most coherent thing is that the curtain combines with the bedspread, duvet cover, or quilt that you use the most. You should also take a look at the carpet if you are one of those who use them. If you have a parquet, which is a hot option for any room, you should also consider it.
  2. If you are back with the decoration of the living room, you should bear in mind that the predominant color is that of the sofa, and the curtains should be in line with it. A perfect combination would be, for example, grey blackout curtains, a white wall, and a brown sofa.

Taking into account the rest of the furniture

Now we will look at the rest of the furniture and, more specifically, the type of decoration you have chosen. It is pervasive first to select the furniture and then go to choose the curtains. These are conditioned by that style you have chosen.

  1. If, for example, you have opted for a rustic decoration, it is more convenient for your curtains to be plain in color. It is precarious to recharge the room with patterned curtains.
  2. If the room is minimalist, the most logical thing is that you opt for striped curtains.
  3. If the room is of an industrial type, where white and large spaces predominate, then beige tones and a pattern to create contrast could be the most appropriate.

Children’s rooms

Children’s rooms require, let’s say, other options that should not be as “severe” as the ones we have just told you about. Children will prefer brighter, more cheerful colors, even with drawings and finishes of their favorite series, characters, or music groups in their curtains. As they grow, you will be combining their rooms according to the tips that we reel in this post.

According to the degree of luminosity

The curtains have, in addition to the mission of decorating your home, offer you the possibility of regulating the entry of light in each of your rooms. And in addition to that, the chance of getting the privacy you want. If you want a lot of light to enter your room, perhaps it is best to combine a curtain with a curtain, or simply a curtain. If you do not want to join, the curtains must be made with denser fabrics.

We have been talking about curtains, but do not forget that there are also many more variants to decorate the window curtains and therefore the rooms. Remember that if you want to separate spaces, Japanese panels are a great option. In a dining room of many square meters, they can come with pearls. They are also very suitable for large windows. Do not hesitate to see the roller blinds or vertical slats, which also offer great decoration possibilities. Well, this was what we wanted to tell you about the color of the curtains for each room.

Everything will depend on the color of the walls, the accessories you have in each of your rooms, the furniture you have chosen, or the decorative style you have chosen. Whatever you have, you are sure to find this curtain that best suits your tastes. And we hope that these tips have helped you decorate your home.