Different Types of Housekeeping Services That are Available Near You

Housekeeping Services
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Need some extra domestic help? There’s a way out.

Sometimes, it is not always that we can’t do the Housekeeping ourselves or we’re too lazy to do that. It’s just that we’re too busy with other important stuff that there’s little or no time to do the domestic work at home. Keeping the home clean and tidy requires a lot of dedication and time, however, the time is not always on our side, you know.

Getting a housekeeper to do the work for you is definitely going to go a long way in helping out. We understand that the problem sometimes can be knowing the different types of housekeeping services you should go for. This has made us put together this guide.

In this article, we will be highlighting the different types of housekeeping services available near you, so you can make informed and better decisions when hiring a housekeeper. We would also talk about housekeeping services in detail and the best housekeeping services you should consider.

Things to Know About Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services are not just about cleanliness. It involves the management of duties and chores engaged in maintaining a household, including cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, paying bills, and shopping. Members of the household or other people hired for the job can carry out these duties.

It’s more than just the job of a cleaner who specializes merely in cleaning. Housekeeping services also involve routine and daily cleaning of rooms, corridors, restrooms, living areas, public areas, yards, and premises as well as dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning of furniture, wooden cabin walls, railings, partitions, doors, windows, and Venetian blinds, racks, sofas, telephones, computers, wall-mounted fans and curtains.

The Role of a Housekeeper

A housekeeper used to be someone who comes to your house and does the cleaning chores for you and they are mostly called a “maid”. However, that’s not the case anymore. In the modern world, housekeepers go beyond just cleaning the house, they are basically in charge of every other activity in the house such as scheduling maintenance appointments, planning weekly meal menus, establishing a supply inventory system, and preparing a petty cash budget.

The housekeeper does not necessarily have to live in a family’s home unless it was part of the agreement. This factor depends on the house owner’s budget. Below are some of the basic roles you should expect from a housekeeper:

Basic cleaning in living areas

This is certainly the primary role of a housekeeper and it includes cleaning the whole house, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors.

Bed Care

A housekeeper is in charge of making the beds, changing the sheets, and the mattresses. Choosing a quality bed is crucial in the first place.

Waste Management

This is very important especially when you have kids around. Kids are fun littering the floor. A housekeeper is expected to remove the sewage and refuse and separate the biodegradable and the non-biodegradable wastes.

Preparing meals for the family

We often exclude this aspect when talking about the roles of a housekeeper. However, if this is part of what you want your housekeeper to help out with, you can make sure to include it in your listing. During your interviews, bring up their degree of comfort and experience in the kitchen and make sure you get a sense of the types of dishes they can genuinely prepare.

Running errands for the family

Sometimes housekeepers are required to take care of this aspect also. This can include doing the foodstuff shopping or dropping off your clothes at the dry cleaner’s shop. You must include it in your listing and bring it up in your interviews because not all housekeepers will be willing to execute this chore because it is typically outside of their customary responsibilities.

Different Types of Housekeeping Services

1. Live in Housekeeper

This is the most common type of housekeeping service. Getting a live-in carer might be the best option for you. It’s necessary for the housekeeper to stay in the house with you and be on hand whenever you need them. The matching of the live-in housekeeper with the owner of the house should be carefully done as this is a very important part of the process.

The role of the live-in housekeeper includes cleaning, cooking, childcare, running an errand, and security whenever the house is vacant.

2. Live out Housekeeper

Unlike the live-in housekeeper, the live-out housekeeper does not need to stay in the house. The housekeeper will work with a schedule of all the tasks that need to be done such as laundry and dry cleaning, washing of all the windows, and deep cleaning of certain rooms. Sometimes, it also includes carrying out tasks such as childcare, pet care, cooking, and shopping.

3. Cleaner or Maid

This is often confused with a housekeeper. A cleaner specialises majorly in cleaning, that’s all. Looking for someone to do all kinds of cleaning including cleaning commercial areas or tenancy cleans? Get a cleaner.

4. House Manager/ Housekeeper

I think we talk less about how important house managers are. They’re not involved in cleaning nor sending on errands. Their main job is ensuring that the home, estate, and grounds are always running smoothly and effectively.

House Managers mostly deal with the handling of contractors, payroll, organising of things, and managing of staff. This choice of housekeeping services is mostly needed in luxury houses or busy family houses.

5. Housekeeper Cleaning Companies

If you’re not looking to go through the stress of employing a housekeeper yourself or taking on an agency, then you can let a housekeeping company do that for you. They employ the person and send the staff over to help you do the housekeeping duty at your house. When you need to give feedback for housekeeping services, you will also tell this to the housekeeping cleaning company. They basically do the recruiting for you.

This option can be a bit expensive and might eliminate the process of knowing the housekeeper well before employing them.

Depending on your budget and your specifications, you can go ahead to choose the best housekeeping services to help you solve your needs.

Housekeeping Services Near Me

Housekeeping services are offered anywhere in the world. You can find these housekeepers anywhere. Now, depending on your choice, choose from the above types of housekeeping services you like.

To get them, you can easily search online and you will see a list of housekeeping services near you. For example, if you live in Texas, particularly in the State capital, you can search for housekeeping services in Austin. You can also get a housekeeper through referrals from a friend or colleague at work.


What is turndown service in housekeeping?

Turndown service can also be called evening service. It is that kind of service that is offered to house owners in the evening so that a client feels at home when they get back from work and can easily go to bed from there. This involves preparing the room for the night, turning back the top covers on the bed, and distributing amenities. These turndown services are mostly offered between 5 — 9 PM.

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Housekeepers can be heroes sometimes, they help us do the domestic work while we have time for other stuff. The industry is growing fast and is estimated to grow up to $46.9 billion by 2026. Need help with domestic work? Get a housekeeper!