15 Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

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You can find DIY ideas literally for anything – from decorating the front porch to incorporating new elements into your garden. As each season changes, you can fill the home with plush textures, hues, contrasts, and natural materials.

From festive decorations and crafts for the kitchen to the numerous outdoor fall decor ideas for the garage, you can get creative on so many levels and implement crafts into your home using materials that you can find in the backyard.

This brief guide will discuss the best fall decor ideas for your living room. Not more, not less, but 15 common and famous techniques that will help you give your home a new perspective and freshness.

1. Add a New Rug in Your Interior

Add a New Rug in Your Interior
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Adding a rug to the living room will change the focal point of the entire space and improve it into a more visually appealing atmosphere. Besides, what’s better than changing the old rug or wall-to-wall carpet with a new one with abstract designs and natural-color patterns?

We will give you a couple of reasons why you should add a rug to your living room. Or change the old one.

  • You will add more warmth and coziness to the hardwood floors or tile surfaces since the rugs are softer and warmer on the feet. A rug also has greater insulating value, and it’s especially recommended to place it in areas where foot traffic is the highest.
  • A rug will also make the room feel more cohesive and connected, so you’ll always feel at home. Make sure to choose a rug of a proper size that will reach under the front legs of the furniture.
  • If you’re not the type of person that likes wearing slippers around the house but rather walks barefoot or with socks on, a rug on the floor in the living room will make your feet feel more comfortable.
  • Rugs add color, texture, and pattern to any room.
  • The rug will have positive effects in terms of allergens in the house.
  • It helps reduce the noise transfer from one room to another.
  • It helps you showcase your style by combining the rug with the rest of the items in the house/room.

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
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Adding a gallery wall to the living room is a great way to create your corner of art. You can put on the wall all sorts of art, from abstract pieces to illustrations to digital art found online. It will look pretty cool in the living room, and you can even frame the pictures into rustic frames to recreate a gallery.

3. Wooden Items

Wooden items for fall living room decoration
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Wooden wreath
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Another interesting detail you can incorporate during the fall period is adding wooden items, like a wreath. It can include shades of orange, yellow, red, and gray, all the hues of fall. This way, you can layer it with different wooden pieces and get the desired shape.

4. Place the Key Focus on the Fireplace

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The fireplace is another part of the living room where you can get creative. Since the days are shorter and cooler, the fireplace will be more than often the main focus during your stay in the living room. You can place some decorative items like lightbulbs in warm, yellow color, or a wooden pumpkin decoration on the floor, next to the fireplace.

5. Repaint Parts of the Walls

Fall wall decoration
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Implementing fall-colored ideas into the home comes with a set of instructions. For instance, you can repaint some parts of the walls in the living room into fall hues like dark orange or warm yellow. Then, you can add accessories in tones of turmeric, rust, and brown accessories, and get ready for the season.

6. Buy New Pillows

You don’t even have to buy new pillows if you’re pretty handy and have great handcraft skills; you can make the pills yourself. You can do this by using old materials, resewing old dresses you no longer wear, and transforming them into pillows.

Adding new cushions into the living room has proven as a cheap fall decor idea since they can update the vibe of the room by adding a different texture and burst of fall colors. Once you’ve decided on the pillows, it’s time to look out for blankets to match the style and design of the pillows.

7. Add Seasonal Lights

Most people love the fall season due to the exciting Halloween holiday and the vibes of a spooky season it brings to people. In contrast, others love it for the rainy days spent with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate beside the fireplace in the living room. To make your room even cozier and fall-y, you can add warm neutrals and golden hues by installing seasonal lights in the living room.

You can even find lights in the form of pumpkins and style them together on the coffee table, on the mantel or decorate the fireplace. These lights will illuminate the living room and radiate a golden glow that will bring warmth and coziness to the room.

And for a full fall effect, it’s even better if you find lights in different colors. Remember to keep the colors neutral and suited to fall, and don’t mix them with bold and contrasting colors.

8. Dried Flowers

An easy way to add fall vibes to the living room is by adding colorful dried flowers. All you need is to pick flowers from your garden or buy them from the nearest flower shop, let them dry for a couple of days, and place them in a wooden vase.

9. Decorate the Mantel

For a full fall mantel decor, placing pumpkins, faux leaves, and gourds are a perfect choice. However, if you want to get creative and take it a step further, you can add a festive cloth napkin underneath for color and texture.

10. Add Plants

The benefits of adding plants in the living room are beyond decoration. Plants increase creativity, boost moods, eliminate air pollutants and make the space more beautiful.

11. Napkin Rings

A wreath napkin is perfect if you need to boost the dinner table decoration. Make sure to choose warm colors like orange or yellow.

12. Add a Centerpiece

To incorporate fall shades into your home, you can place a sunflower centerpiece on the coffee table. It will display a palette of yellow and orange shades. You can place a tray underneath and add pumpkins and gourds.

13. Pumpkin Vase

The fall season is all about giving tribute to the pumpkins and the warm colors that are all around us. A pumpkin vase with orange-colored leaves or dried flowers is the right combo for the fall.

14. Decorate the Coffee Table

You can decorate the coffee table with the color of the season by placing fall flowers in burnt orange.

15. Add Candles

The candles are mood lifters and make the room look more inviting and cozy. They also smell great and will boost your sense of warmth and coziness.

Bring Cohesion

Regardless of what you’ll decide to incorporate in the living room as part of your seasonal fall decoration, make sure to keep it simple and cohesive.

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