How to Prep Your Dining Room for Holiday Hosting

Dining Room
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The holidays are a fabulous time of year. It’s where family and friends gather to share a great time and most likely some fabulous food. If you’re planning to host your extended family for the big holiday meal this year, there’s no doubt you’re feeling a bit anxious and even flustered at everything you need to get done. After all, you want the day to be a fabulous success for all. A big part of that will be making sure your dining room is ready for the big event, and we’ve got some tips that will help you do just that.

Do You Have Ample Seating?

Probably the most important thing to plan for is seating. You want to be sure all your guests have a place to sit, eat and enjoy the meal. This could even be your opportunity to invest in fabulous new dining room furnishings from a store like Kettle River Furniture & Bedding. Dining room furniture is an investment and something that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Do You Need to Reconfigure the Room?

While your current dining room set-up may work for the occasional dinner party you hold, or for special meals with the immediate family, it may not be ideal for a big gathering. It may be necessary to shuffle pieces around so you make more space, make it easier to walk around the table, and access all spots in the room.

Keep in mind this isn’t a permanent change; you can put everything back after the holidays.

Bring In Holiday Décor

And there’s nothing that says holiday time like fun holiday décor. This is your chance to deck out the dining room and make it special and festive for guests. Experts suggest you pick a color palette or theme when it comes to holiday décor so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the options and so that everything works well together. It’s well worth it to invest in high-quality holiday décor, as you’ll be able to use it year after year.

Don’t forget that holiday décor can also be used on the table such as the dishes, placeholder cards, candles and candle holders, charger plates, the centerpiece, napkins and tablecloth, and so on.

Finishing Touches to Finish Off the Room

You’ve almost completed your dining room transformation, there are just a few special touches left. You may want to have some soft holiday music playing in the background while everyone eats. It can also be nice to have holiday scented candles burning when guests arrive and ensure you can have soft lighting for the meal, as it creates a warmer more welcoming environment.

A Dining Room Transformation Perfect for the Holidays

Using each of these tips will make it possible for you to tweak your dining room design and layout so that it works for hosting a big holiday meal. Rather than looking at it as work, you can see this as an opportunity to let your inner creativity shine and revel in the results.

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