Is House Creep Safe?

There are several websites out there all created for different purposes. One of these websites is called “” Given the nature of online access in this era, many people want to know whether a website is safe before accessing it. In this post, we will talk about house creep and eventually answer the question ”Is House creep safe?” But before that, let’s all understand what House Creep is.

What is house creep?

House Creep was launched in 2013 as a source of homes with a curious or criminal past. The website makes sure that you can find stigmatized homes from any location in the world. After all, the creepiest house may be in your neighborhood. Housecreep makes sure that you get to know about a house’s past which might have been abandoned by its previous occupants for any reason. This may be due to a criminal past, haunts, deaths or a variety of other reasons. The website has been known to be very accurate in their reviews and listing of homes which you can find absolutely horrifying in nature.

Housecreep has tons of valuable information about houses that are considered creepy. The information is given in great detail which consists of death cases, criminal histories, vandalism and loads of other details.

Is House creep safe?

It is very easy to use this service and all you have to do is enter the address you want to search for. You will get loads of information on that particular place and in-depth information about the house. When it comes to determining whether a website is safe, there are several things you need to consider. Here, we will discuss the safety of this particular website.

No personal information collected

The website collects no personal information from its visitors and all they care about is the information you are searching for.

No tracking searches

House Creep has never been known to track its visitors in any way. This means that your searches will not be shared to any 3rd party.

Is House Creep Legit?

The website is very legit and in fact, it offers a variety of benefits.

High quality pictures

The website contains pictures which have been collected from different sources. However, all these pictures are of high quality and they depict the house accurately.

Superior listing

All listings are categorized in a very precise manner so that you get the most valuable piece of information about the house you are looking for.

Infinite number of listings

There is an unlimited number of listings you can access at one given time. You just have to select the place and its location and then hit connect. The site will take care of the rest.


House creep is a very interesting and informative website. The website offers you tons of information about the houses that might be cool to live in and it states the history of the house in detail. The website is safe and legit meaning that you can access the website without any worries.

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