What To Know Before Moving A Mobile Home With A Tractor

Moving a mobile home with a tractor

Do you want to start moving a mobile home with a tractor? I was thinking the same, and the idea sounds incredible. Not only does it seem simple to move your mobile home alone, but a tractor seems more than capable of doing that. In my experience, mobile homes are not very heavy. Portability is vital for them, so it sounds like a great idea to move them with a tractor.

Can you move a mobile home with a tractor?

Yes, but it depends on the tractor you use and whether the trailer supports your home’s weight. The main challenge here comes from the home size and weight. Suppose it’s too large or heavy to move using a trailer; that becomes an issue. Before you attempt to move your home with a tractor, I recommend you do some measurements.

Measure the home size, and you also want to approximate its weight. Perform the measurements for your tractor and trailer too. Do these match, and can you move the home with your tractor? In some cases, there will be issues; you might even need to rent another trailer.

The benefits of moving a mobile home with a tractor

When I heard about moving a mobile home with a tractor, I was skeptical, just like you are. And it’s easy to see why because moving a house is something a tractor might not be able to do correctly.

  • It can help you save a lot of money when you choose to move your home. It’s the best approach if you want to move your home with a tractor, and it can provide exceptional value and return on investment.
  • When you use your tractor, you can easily take breaks as needed. You’re not on a strict schedule where you have to pay more when you surpass a specific timeline.
  • Depending on where you live, there’s less paperwork to deal with when compared to any house-moving experience.
  • If your house is not very large, it’s indeed possible and not overly complex.
  • Cities tend to offer assistance and support, and you don’t need to deal with hassle from their side.

The downsides of moving a mobile home with a tractor

I believe the main downside is that not all homes are suitable for this task. It sounds great at first, but the truth is that tractors have limited power, and a large mobile home will be hard to move. You also have limitations from things like the trailer you use as well. All these things can be challenging, and they all add to significant challenges along the way.

Even when you use a tractor for moving, ensuring everything is easy to manage is hard. I also think that along with that, you’ll have a bit of a hassle concerning legal requirements. Some states and countries make it very difficult to move a mobile home with a tractor, which isn’t helpful either.

Things to consider when moving your mobile home

I recommend checking the legal requirements when moving a mobile home with a tractor. The legal size is around 42′ ft x 8′ 4″ ft x 13′ 6″ ft, but it can differ depending on your location. Also, the weight needs to be under 16,000 lbs, which alone can be an issue if your home is a bit larger. If your home is larger than the legal requirements, it will be an oversize load. That means you need permits for it, which complicates things quite a lot.

Depending on the mobile home size, you may need a single wide or a double-wide trailer. Knowing the overall size matters, and it will undoubtedly help improve the experience and process as a whole. Also, you need to perform some maintenance tasks too. These include turning off items, disconnecting lines, protecting pipes, removing items, securing the home, and preparing the new site for delivery.

What kind of truck/tractor do you need to move a mobile home?

Trucks like the Ford F-450 are known to help move mobile homes, even the larger ones. If you want to go with a tractor, you want a mobile home toter. These are made specifically for house hauling and have all the necessary power you need. Toters are better for short-distance moving; however, they can be very efficient and dependable when you want to move a mobile home.

Is a crane needed when you want to move a mobile home?

Getting your mobile home off a trailer can be very hard, and most of the time, a crane is ideal. However, that doesn’t mean you always need a crane for this situation. There are cases when a crane can be extremely helpful, and it will help remove any headache. You may even have the opportunity to set the home off a trailer directly. It saves time to use a crane. It will also prevent mobile home damage, which can sometimes appear.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home with a tractor?

It’s tough to estimate, but according to my experience, it’s cheaper to use a tractor when compared to a large 8-wheeler and extended trailer. Usually, tractors can deliver fantastic results anyway, and if you’re going for a short transfer instead of a long haul, it might be the ideal option. Asking for a quote beforehand is going to help quite a bit. If you already have a tractor, you can rent a trailer and save a significant amount too. Depending on the mobile home size, prices can vary from $5k to $13k.

Do you need any permits to move your mobile home?

Yes. Cities have specific rules regarding mobile home moving. Depending on the home size, you might encounter various restrictions. Also, if the mobile home is over 10 to 15 years old, that will add extra challenges. You need to prove that your home’s integrity is at its best; otherwise, moving it can be a hazard. You can contact the building commissioner and receive the title and county treasurer certificates; then, you will be good to go. Notifying the neighbors about this is also important, as moving your mobile home can be noisy and disrupt some of their tasks.

Getting the county treasurer and title certificates in order

These documents are crucial because they show your mobile home is ready to move. They will also show you own the property, and there are no due taxes on them. You can’t receive a moving permit without these documents, and that’s the main reason why you want to acquire them quickly.

Is it cheaper to rent a tractor yourself instead of hiring movers?

For the most part, yes, you will pay less if you rent a tractor instead of hiring movers. It’s helpful if you want to cut costs and go with a DIY approach. Of course, if you don’t want to deal with any headaches, you can hire movers.

Does your mobile home need to pass any codes?

Permits are necessary. You need licenses because you need to show your current legality and if you’re dealing with any unpaid taxes or penalties. Once you check with the municipality, you can assess whether you must pass local codes.


I think it’s a great idea to try moving a mobile home with a tractor. Remember that you can’t just pick up and move your mobile home; you will need a permit. Then there are certificates and other requirements from the municipality. When you move your mobile home, I think it’s a good idea to prepare for it beforehand. Getting things in order, acquiring permits, and renting the right equipment can be time-consuming, so the faster you prepare, the better!

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