Top Trends Of Using The Rugs In Your Home In 2021

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When it comes to interior floor décor, one of the best items that help enhance aesthetics is the floor rug. These are available mostly in rectangular shape with various sizes, such that they can partially cover a floor area, which is mainly needed for décor purpose.

There are various manners in which you can decorate your interiors with a rug. This is why we will discuss the most popular ways in which you can use rugs in your house which is not just appealing but comfortable at the same time.

Layering the rugs

One of the ways to use the rugs in your home is by creating a layer. For example, the base carpet is large and has an irregular shape which is itself a trend nowadays. You can get so many differently-shaped rugs that you can use as the base one.

Get it in a light shade like warm white, off-white, beige, light beige, fading grey, and so on. On top of this rug, place a rectangular runner rug to create the layer. If you are using a pastel design for the base rug, make sure to choose the upper one having the same design but with a slightly deeper shade so as to create the contrast.


Monochrome rug décor

Another amazing trend of decorating your home with rugs is by using a monochrome color. Even though monochrome usually signified black and white shades earlier, these days, several other derived shades are also being considered as monochrome shades.

For example, a combination of light grey beige with black or white prints is an example of the monochrome rug. Similarly, the oriental rugs also come in monochrome shades where the borders will have black and white intricate designs while the central portion will have grey as the dominating color.

Geometric runner rugs in hallways

If you have long hallways, the best way to decorate them is by laying geometric runners. These rugs have a high length to width ratio, hence the name- runner rugs. You can find several prints in this category with multiple color combinations of yellow, black and grey, or blue and off-white stripes. You can also go with the geometric rugs having mixed patterns like triangular designs coupled with small striped borders.

Rugs in unlikely places

Placing the rugs in an unlikely corner of your home is another trendy way to use this interior floor décor material. Placing a rug near the kitchen counter or in the patio are examples of using unlikely places. If you are using this idea to decorate the interiors, make sure to choose a rug with a dominating design that will attract attention, no matter how odd the place is.

Combination of modern and oriental designs

The rug designs can be classified into two major parts- Oriental designs which are the traditional ones having intricate art, and the modern designs having abstract and contemporary looks. Usually, these designs are used separately.

But, nowadays, interior designers recommend combining both types of rugs to create a contrasting look. For example, you can place a modern geometric printed rug near the entrance while a Persian rug in the living room. Similarly, you can place an oriental Moroccan rug in the dining room with a modern rug design near the kitchen island. 


With so many options for the indoor rugs, it can be really difficult to choose the most appropriate one. For this reason, make sure the rug’s design matches the interiors and complements its beauty. If you can get this right, creating a trendy indoor look will not be difficult for you.

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