Vamp Up Your Front Door with These 4 Stylish Ideas

Front door decor ideas

When it comes to curb appeal, you can invest in stunning landscaping, water features, upgrading your driveway, creating quaint walkways, motion-sensor lighting, and even repainting the exterior of your home. These are all excellent upgrades to make and they’ll contribute to a gorgeous and inviting outdoor space.

However, there are also some simple quick, and affordable upgrades you can make to your front porch. Here are some more intimate and cozy front door upgrade ideas that will lift the space and welcome you inside.

1. Announce Yourself

A simple start is to upgrade your post box or address plaque, announcing your house number to your street. (We all know it’s pretty annoying when you’re looking for someone’s address and the number is nowhere to be seen!)

Invest in quality address plaques that are weather-resistant and won’t start looking rusty in just a few months. Pick something bold and stylish, and that represents the overall style of your home. If you already have your address visible on your home, you can give it new life by simply splashing a lick of paint over it or even just giving it a quick clean up.

2. Add Some Color

If you want to transform your outdoor space on a budget, one of the easiest ways to go about it is simply adding a splash of paint to your front door. Bring some fun and life to your front door area by choosing a bold and interesting colour for your door.

Make sure that the colour looks good with the exterior paint (or bricks) of the front of your home, and ensure that you buy the right type of paint for the job to avoid it cracking and peeling too soon. Simply changing the color of your front door to something bold like red or yellow can completely change the vibe and make you excited to get home.

3. Welcoming Wreaths and Décor

You can even decorate your front door, if you want to add a little extra life into the mix! There are loads of front door décor items you can find online or in-store that will add to the look you’re going for, whether it’s stylish and elegant or quaint and cozy.

You can look out for front door wreaths (even when it’s not the holiday season!) hanging décor, or even consider purchasing a novel or funny doormat to make your guests laugh before they enter your home. If you have enough space on your front porch, a cozy seat can be a great addition too.

4. Greenery and Potted Plants

Finally, remember that your front door area is an outdoor space! This means that loading it with greenery and plants is an easy and wonderful way to elevate the aesthetics and make it more welcoming.

Shop for some pretty pots and buy some flowers or bushes to put outside, but make sure that you pick the right plant for your front door – not just any old greenery will do!

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