3 Changes That Could Add Value to Your Home

Value to Your Home
Value to Your Home

In a world where property is seen as an investment, it can be hard to ignore the call to make it worth more, especially if these changes are needed. If you are lucky enough to own your property, then keeping it updated and implementing modern amenities will only serve you well either now or further down the line. You do not have to be thinking of selling to want to add value to your home, and you can enjoy the home improvements for as long as you like, which means that taking the plunge to switch things up is usually a great move.

If you are wondering how you can add value to your home, then read this piece to find out more!

Sort Out Dead Space

If you have any space that is unoccupied or is not being used to its full potential, then you could be sitting on a gold mine. Dead space could be anything from a disused garage, an attic that no one ever sets foot in, or even a cellar where only large amounts of cobwebs have made themselves at home. Converting these into livable areas will not only give your home another room, but it will also give you a unique perk! Who doesn’t want their own basement cinema or an attic play area? Making the use of your space can not only give you much more joy out of your home, but it can definitely add some monetary value too. In some instances, you will need planning permission, so it is important to check in your state what the rules are and what you are able to freely do.

Get a Top Heating System

No one wants to be cold, especially in the middle of winter, and having an out-of-date heating system can really put a dent in your home’s value. If you have a boiler that is really, really old, not only will that need to be changed at some point (which will most likely cross potential buyers’ minds), but it will also be costing you much more to run than a modern boiler. This goes for old radiators, too, or anything that might not be allowing your heating system to work to its greatest capacity. If you can afford it, take a look at investing in a new boiler or heating system, preferably one that is modern and more environmentally friendly.

Invest in an Extension

Sometimes our lives grow, along with our families, and you just need that little bit more extra space for living in. Investing in an extension can put a significant increase on the value of your property, although the increase will depend on what you are extending. A kitchen extension or adding a conservatory could really add to the property. Just remember to make sure you file for planning permission and check what you are allowed to do!

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