6 Adjustments to Make to Your Elderly Loved One’s

Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

Many people find that caring for an elderly loved one – an aunt, a grandparent, or an elderly parent – can be difficult.

A person’s body can undergo many changes as it’s getting older.

For example, someone might develop a weak spot that can break easily and make them fall or hurt themselves.

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To help alleviate the stress of change and caregiving, it is important to make your elderly loved one’s home more comfortable for them.

Make Small Changes in the Environment to Improve Comfort

If you are considering adjusting your home or the home of your elderly loved one to be more suitable, it may be worth consulting a doctor about how to make small changes.

Small adjustments can help reduce the risk of falls and help your loved one feel more secure.

Before we get onto the list, it’s important to consider that your loved one’s safety is the most important thing. Sometimes, it’s worth admitting that you can’t do it all on your own and you need some help. There are numerous options available, including daily visits from nurses and care workers.

If you’re able to change your own home or the home of your loved one to be suitable for their current needs though, here are a few options.

Add a Stair Lift

A stairlift can help elderly relatives by making the stairs easier to use. It is a small chair that moves up and down a flight of stairs.

It’s an effective way to help people with mobility issues who are comfortable using the stairs.

Getting a stairlift fitted isn’t always straightforward or cheap though, so it’s worth checking into all options before you commit.

Get Them an Electric Scooter

A scooter is designed to help you get from A to B on uneven terrain, without the aid of stairs.

It’s always a good idea to check that your elderly relative can safely use the mobility aid if they are typically independent due to their age.

Add Grab Bars in the Bathroom

Grab bars can help your elderly relative relax in the shower or bath. They can help you by giving you extra support, and they are more comfortable to lean on than a towel rail.

You could even consider getting an extension that fits over a standard bar for their convenience.

Install Handrails on Stairs

Like grab bars, handrails are good for supporting your loved ones as they go up or down the stairs.

You could also consider getting a moving handrail that glides along the wall so that it’s easier for them to grab hold when needed.

Get An Automatic Chair

If your elderly relative has limited mobility, it could be worth considering getting an automatic chair.

They are designed to make getting up from the chair and sitting down in a chair a little easier by shifting their position.

Install a Good Thermostat

Elderly people get cold much easier than younger people do, so it’s worth considering installing a good thermostat.

They will help you care for your loved ones without worrying about them overdosing on heat or getting too cold.