The 3 Best Custom Window Treatment Options for Bedrooms

Window Treatment Options for Bedrooms
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The bedroom is the safe haven where you rejuvenate yourself after a long, tiresome day. It is also a place of utmost solace and comfort. While you rest, ensuring that you have proper window treatments installed for your overall health and privacy is essential. Whether you need these for a master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, or guest bedroom, there are different options in Portland.

Portland is Oregon’s largest city, with an overall population of 2.19 million. The city is famous for its eco-friendliness, bicycle paths, and bridges. If you are looking for custom window treatments in Portland, there are several available companies. The average price range for these for one window is $400-500. But, why do you need them?

Well, window treatments are an essential addition to your room. It not just gears up the aesthetic appeal but is also functional. For example, these can keep harmful UV rays out, adjust lighting, and even partially help control room temperature.

The most popular window coverings offer fashion and function both at the same time. If you want to know the best options for your bedroom windows, read this article till the end.

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Window Blinds

Blinds are undoubtedly the first choice when it comes to bedroom window treatment options. They come in diverse shapes, sizes, and styles. One can choose blinds made from wood, faux wood, composite wood, etc. These are an excellent choice for bedrooms because they easily control incoming sunlight.

The most chosen one is the wooden ones. They are famous for being lightweight, having good insulating properties, and considerably easy to maintain. Blinds are usually more durable than other coverings and blend nicely with the room decor.

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Window Shades

After blinds, shades are the ones that most people prefer buying for bedrooms. They come in wide varieties and can match almost every interior decorating style and preference. Shades are mostly made from cotton, silk, linen, etc. Some of the most common types of shades are –

  • Roller
  • Cellular
  • Solar
  • Vertical Cellular
  • Transitional
  • Roman

Typically, the cost of Roller shades is $8-190, the minimum among other choices in Portland. The Cellular ones are slightly more expensive, from $25 to $250.

Curtains or Drapes

These are slightly on the costlier side but look equally elegant and stylish. Curtains are a staple in most households and come in different varieties. They make a great choice for bedrooms, considering their form and functions.

One can open curtains in the morning to allow sunlight to enter the room and close them during the afternoon to get shade.

Besides that, they also increase the privacy of your bedroom. Not to forget that curtains and drapes have plenty of customization options. By ordering from a reputed brand, you can easily create custom curtains of your choice and personal preferences.

Final Words

Portland is well-known for its aesthetic microbreweries and coffee houses. So, custom window treatments in Portland are also available for such places. Keeping that aside, you must already have decided what’s best for your bedroom windows. Choose the right window covers based on your personal preferences and choices. And the best thing is that there are always enough options for customization.