Are Vertical Blinds Outdated?

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have been around for a long time. But the question on the mind of most homeowners is whether they’ve become outdated. Fortunately, vertical blinds haven’t become obsolete, thanks to their incredible functionality.

Not all kinds of vertical blinds are still used today, with off-white or beige office blinds being outdated. Modern vertical blinds are designed from high-quality materials and lavish fabrics, making them relevant today. Here are five reasons why vertical blinds aren’t outdated.

1. Stylish Look

Modern vertical blinds are stylish and vastly different from the dingy and tangle-stranded off-white or beige outdated blinds. Due to their incredible designs, contemporary vertical blinds are undergoing a significant resurgence. These products are currently used in various modern interiors. They have seen lots of love from glossy magazines and stylish consultants to the point they’ve become staples for home windows instead of being used solely for workplaces.

What has made modern vertical blinds stand out from their previous counterparts? The sheer range of designs, finishes, textures, and colors. Moreover, the modern designs are equipped with sleeker headrails, making them worth a second look.

2. Incredible Functionality

Vertical blinds have remained relevant for a long time thanks to their incredible functionality. They’ve stayed in modern-day fashion due to their minimalistic design, stunning finishes, and various color ranges. Furthermore, they come with an outstanding modern-day headrail that enhances their functionality and makes them relevant in today’s market.

When it comes to functionality, vertical blinds tick all modern-day trend boxes, from its updated headrails to a sleek design. These vertical blinds incorporate gloss or matte black and anthracite finishes, while the louvers contrast or complement the headrail along with the room’s design.

The shape of a modern vertical blind has been designed to improve functionality and give it a sleek finish. From a contoured rail to a streamlined design, you can get a headrail that will improve the interior decor of your home or office while maintaining its functionality.

3. Top-Notch Privacy, Easy To Use And Maintain

Although you can say that office-design vertical blinds aren’t that stylish, their simplicity, robustness, and versatility are the main reasons they withstand the test of time.

Vertical blinds offer privacy control and a good amount of lighting. Additionally, they’re lightweight, easy to control, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and can easily fit in large windows.

Match these outstanding aspects with modern fabrics, visual components, and controls, and you have a product that tops in interior design, visual impact, and versatility. Its price is another significant factor that has helped vertical blinds to remain relevant in the modern world. When compared to its alternatives, vertical blinds are undoubtedly cost-effective.

Vertical blinds can achieve these aspects quickly thanks to its simple and practical design. Furthermore, they have significant advantages over roller blinds since they provide top-notch privacy control and great lighting, making them best for use with large windows. You can’t find an economical option that can outshine a vertical blind.

4. Makes The Ceiling Look Higher

If your room has a low ceiling, using vertical blinds will be a good idea as it will give it the impression of a high ceiling. Vertical blinds are designed to provide this illusion of making your room look more spacious than it is. In the process, it improves the overall appearance of your home.

Additionally, vertical blinds don’t take up a significant amount of space, making them ideal for use on windows of any size and patio doors. With vertical blinds, you can improve the interior decor of your house without the need for wallpaper. Therefore, consider utilizing vertical blinds to give your ceiling a stunning look.

5. Versatile

Unlike their counterparts, vertical blinds have managed to remain in the market due to the availability of different designs and materials to choose from, making them very versatile. This gives you a variety of options to work with, along with preferences and different price points to choose from. The different versatile blind options available to choose from include:

  • Wooden Vertical Blinds: This type of vertical blind has grown significantly in popularity and is primarily designed from thin wood planks. If you want to add natural tones and warmth to your room, then this type of blind will be the best option. Cleaning and maintaining these blinds are relatively easy, and these are excellent in blocking heat and light, thanks to the material used.
  • PVC Vertical Blinds: The PVC vertical blinds are the most common and offer the best quality, thanks to the PVC’s flexibility. Furthermore, these blinds come in different colors, styles, and thicknesses, making them a good fit for most homes. Cleaning and maintaining them is also easy. On top of that, they are long-lasting and fire-resistant, making them ideal for use in kitchen areas.
  • Fabric Vertical Blinds: Fabric blinds are common, but not as common as PVC ones. These blinds come in a wide range of textures and colors. Furthermore, they are relatively soft, with a gentle look, unlike other types of vertical blinds. Unfortunately, maintaining this specific kind of blinds is somewhat challenging because of the nature of its material. Fabric blinds get stained easily and often collect dust, making them less favorable.
  • Metal Vertical Blinds: They’re often made from aluminum, and these vertical blinds are a great option if you’re working on a tight budget. They offer a great industrial look and are easy to maintain. However, due to the nature of its material, metal vertical blinds tend to bend easily and leave permanent creases. Fortunately, replacing them is easy and cheap, although they are best used on doors and not on windows.


Vertical blinds aren’t becoming outdated anytime soon. The modern designs offer a classier look, making them better than ever. These designs have made vertical blinds ideal for offices and homes, thanks to their popular and outstanding design.


Feature Image source: Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay