A prismatic guide to choosing the best patio furniture covers

patio furniture covers
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If you’ve bought deluxe patio furniture, it’s an imperative to shield your investment with equally good patio furniture covers that can stretch the life of the products and retain their pristine finish. However, not every patio cover has an equal quality. The type of protection your patio furniture need is an important consideration in this regard.

Different outdoor furniture covers provide different degrees of protection. To get the right cover for your coveted patio items, you need to factor in the potential threats to its structure, durability, and finish.

  • If your furniture has direct exposure to sunlight, the patio furniture covers must have a high UV rating, which minimizes brittleness and fading.
  • If your furniture is in proximity to waters features like pools, or has open exposure to rain, it needs a solid waterproof cover to impede the wood from rotting and swelling.
  • The covers must have a tight weave with little to no mesh for preventing them from leaking onto the furniture.
  • Unfinished materials like some metals and raw wood need extra protection. Wherever feasible, apply a premium waterproof stain to the powder coating, wood, and metal frames to impede corrosion.


Keys to the best covers

Dimensions are very crucial. Many people don’t check whether the dimensions of their patio furniture covers match their furniture or not. Manufacturers often specifically make covers for their pieces.

  • It’s prudent to check their furniture set’s page before buying them. Check the dimensions carefully.
  • Covers can be very long at times, making them touch the floor. They catch water and dirt. So, avoid the cookie-cutter outdoor furniture covers.
  • Most of these covers claim to have waterproof features, but they only have the capability to withstand a mild drizzle.
  • With vinyl patio furniture covers, you know how it allows water beads to roll off it, keeping the stuff nice and dry.
  • It also shields your furniture from debris and dust that leave unsightly prints on your attire. Make sure the cover doesn’t trap any moisture inside as that cause fungi growth.
  • A breathable design is also very crucial. Such covers built-in vents that allow full air circulation. Without the vents, your items can develop mildew and mold.
  • A backing of soft cloth shields the furniture’s finish from scratch or rubbing. It’s especially crucial if your wood items have stains.

After using your patio deck throughout the year, the covers could eat up finish or paint coatings, leaving ugly spots. Always buy covers with a soft cloth backup to avoid such problems.

A conclusion

It’s in your best interests to evaluate the product hierarchy. Selecting a patio furniture cover shouldn’t be overwhelming or cumbersome at all when you have realistic expectations. You need to bear the important features in mind. If you’re serious about protecting your patio furniture covers, you need to consider that ones that meet your individual needs.

For example, if your furniture entails irregular angles or if there’s heavy winds, you can buy a 360-degree drawcord cover to ensure a strong and flexible modality that secures the product against storms.

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