Alien Tape Reviews

Alien tape reviews

Mounting artwork or a new mirror may not be the easiest task for one not proficient at using a hammer and nail. You could not only end up with gaping, misplaced holes on your wall, but also a precariously hanging object.

Fret no more! With Alien Tape you can now ditch your hammer and screws and wrap up a mounting task in minutes. Here’s a detailed Alien Tape review for you.

No sticky residue

Most double-sided tape tends to leave behind a sticky residue. This gunk is super-stubborn. No amount of scraping helps remove the residue, leaving an ugly stain on the surface.

The good thing about Alien Tape is that it does not damage the surface it is applied to. If you want to remove it, simply peel it off the surface.

Alien tape

Adheres to all surfaces

The unique selling point of Alien Tape is the use of Nano-grip technology. In fact, most Alien Tape reviews praise its strong adhesiveness.

Alien Tape is a double-sided tape. One side fits onto the object while the other is applied to the surface onto which you want to mount the object. The tape has a slightly rubbery texture.

The nano-grip technology can carry heavy weights and lock them securely in place. Alien Tape has a weight capacity of 17 pounds. You do not have to use any additional screws to reinforce the mount or fitting.

The acrylic tape is multifunctional and compatible with metal, plastic, aluminum, or glasses surfaces. The tape is not as effective on dry painted surfaces and hence should not be used here. Mount kitchen tools and photo frames with the tape. The Alien tape can also be utilised to fix rugs and carpets to keep it from slipping.

The tape works instantly. It does not need to be cured or dried. It must only be pressed well against the surface against which you want to stick something. The adhesive is long-lasting and things fixed stay up for months needs to apply a judicious amount of the tape for it the object to hold up well.


Worried about tape peeking out from behind your artwork? Alien Tape is 3.0cm wide and 2.0mm in thickness. Thus, it fits well beneath and behind any surface. You will not have the frame or mirror jutting out.

Besides, being transparent you will not have any annoying tape sticking out from the sides. It blends well with the other surfaces.  The narrow tape can fit into narrow spaces and hard-to-reach areas too.


Another feature we’d like to mention in this Alien Tape review is its weather-resistant feature.

The tape is waterproof. This makes it ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. It does not lose its adhesiveness. Instead, the tape can be washed and reused.

The ability to reuse the tape makes it very economical. In order to reuse it, peel it, wash it, dry it and then reapply it. Washing the tape does not cause the tape to lose its adhesiveness. It sticks as well as the first time it had been applied.

The waterproof feature makes Alien Tape a suitable quick fix for leaky pipes too. When fixed outdoors, the UV rays do not cause the tape to disintegrate.

Ease of application

There’s one more thing we liked about the Alien Tape and that is the ease of use. The tape can be cut to the required length and applied.

A pair of scissors is enough to get cutting. Despite being stickier than regular duct tape, the tape tears easily.

Unlike other cheaper duct tapes, Alien Tape does not twist or get entangled forming knots.


Our Alien Tape review would be incomplete without a mention of the cost. Given their versatility, the tape is reasonably priced.

They are available as a set of 3 x 10 ft rolls as well as in a set of 2 x 7ft rolls.

Still a little skeptical about the usefulness of Alien Tape? You can purchase a roll and test it out yourself.

The tape is available for sale online with most eCommerce retailers as well as on the official company website. There, you can read up more Alien Tape reviews to better understand how the tape performs.

All in all, Alien Tape is a durable, double-sided, multipurpose tape that lives up to its claims. Buy and use one; you won’t be disappointed.

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