What are the best hallway lighting fixtures?

best hallway lighting fixtures
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Managing space as an interior designer is very overwhelming and time-consuming. But still, we have to take the challenge and improve the lives of people who live and enjoy spaces through design and decoration. Interior lighting is another central aspect of interior décor that we should take seriously. The fact remains that regardless of your interior décor knowledge, you can manipulate the atmosphere of your home just by the way you place the hallway lighting fixtures. When it comes to hallway lighting fixtures ceiling, functionality is a major consideration, but this is not a confirmation that you cannot add some style to make it more appealing. You should think of adding a dramatic chandelier if you’re sure it can work with your space. Additionally, led hallway lighting fixtures, Flush mount, and semi-flush mount fixtures can be a good solution. So what are the best hallway lighting fixtures that you can pick in 2021?


These are perfect for a home with wall lighting instead of ceiling lights because they can provide a very elegant view. The market is flooding with different options of wall sconces that perfectly fit any room décor and style. They are made of iron or crystal, and they can fit both traditional and contemporary homes. You can always find sconces that can work with small and narrow hallways but make sure they’re placed at least 5 feet above the floor. This is to provide ample lighting and enhance existing decorations such as framed photographs and paintings.

Recessed Lighting

The market is slowly adapting recessed lighting. As a matter of fact, most new homes are coming with recessed lighting in the hallway. The recessed lighting is adored for their simplicity and how they leave the room looking fresh and uncluttered. They are actually ideal for hallways that have low ceilings. Homeowners can either use recessed lighting as an accent piece of art or provide light in the hallway. They may equally make the house appear larger because they lack the hardware that accompanies many commercial hallway lighting fixtures. To avoid looking commercial or harsh, the recessed lighting should be evenly spaced, and to create a warm ambiance, you can place lights around the hallway.

Track Lighting

Track lighting has gained popularity over time for its elegance and modern touch. They create a well-lit environment for all the users and, most importantly, allow you to customize the light flow in the hallway. But they are mainly ideal for the entire length of the walkway because they provide enough light for the entire space. They can equally be adjusted to illuminate particular dark corners and the doorways. But you should look for the one that comes with a dimmer option, especially if you want to adjust brightness in some areas. The best options are the stainless or Chrome hallway lighting fixtures contemporary, which go well with all modern homes.

Elegant spherical lighting with a soft gold finish

There has been a spike in the world of soft colors, and homeowners have fallen in love with these colors. Soft gold is always at the core of the spectrum of soft colors, and going for elegant spherical lighting with a soft gold finish is not a bad idea. This is because soft gold is at the middle of brushed silver and gold, borrowing the soft matte finish of the houses and simultaneously bringing the mellowness of gold. The other advantage is that this can blend well with almost all kinds of interior décor for modern homes. The fixtures come in a variety of designs and styles. For that reason, you should look for fixtures that accentuate the gold if you are looking for overhead lighting. You can as well go for other fixtures that complement the soft gold with other soft colors such as matte silver and grey.

Sleek black pendant lights

The sleek black pendant light is the best fixture for a modern look. It has turned to be all about rustic and neutral colors. The industry is seeing the retro of some of the oldest hallway design ideas. In many instances, modern industrial lighting shows differences to what you know as traditional industrial. It would be best if you created a unique twist to the hallway and the kitchen. The fixture can double as a piece of art on the wall.


What is the most popular finish for light fixtures?

Soft gold is one of the most common finishes. You can choose to go with elegant spherical lighting and combine it with a soft gold finish. These are popular because there has been a spike of soft colors in interior and exterior décor. The majority of homeowners have fallen heels over head with colors such as grey plus beige and grey.

How to choose an entryway light?

There are few considerations you mustn’t skip if you want the best hallway lighting fixtures. Firstly, you should choose a fixture that is directly proportional to the space of your specific entryway. This means that if your entryway is 75 sq feet, go for a chandelier with a diameter of at least 12 inches. Remember that smaller entryways will appear fantastic with the smaller chandeliers, especially if you don’t want them to serve as a focal point.

Should hallway lights match?

Yes, you must always make sure that your lighting fixtures can talk to each other. It just doesn’t look right if the entryway lighting doesn’t make a statement. However, you don’t have to match metals in the lighting, curtain rods, hardware, or faucets.

You shouldn’t feel the burden of choosing a specific hallway lighting style. Always take time to look for the design that will work best for your home and the one that you’ll love. I’ve covered a list of some trends to give you an idea of what you should look for when in need of eye-catching effects.

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