10 Clever Hallway wall decor ideas

Hallway wall decor ideas
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The hallway is usually the most underutilized space in a home. It’s more of a transitional space that’s not large enough to fit furniture and accessories. But just because it’s not really a room, it doesn’t mean that it should be neglected and ignored. The truth is your hallway still has lots of design potential. What you have to do is look for some hallway wall decor ideas that will add personality to your home. Remember, it’s important to create a space that’s both welcoming and functional. On that note, I have provided incredible hallway wall decor ideas to get you started.

Create a gallery wall

It’s true that you can never go wrong with a gallery wall when it comes to decorating your hallway walls. If you want to give your hallway a personal touch, handsome nice family portraits, photos, and carefully selected artwork. It’s a simple solution but it will transform your hallway and set the tone for the rest of the home. It would be nice to choose coordinating frames all in a single color. Believe it or not, everyone will be staring at your hallway as soon as they step foot inside your home. How can I decorate my hallway? Well, here is one idea to put on the list.

Go bold with decorative wallpaper

Looking for the perfect way to quickly transform your hallway walls? Wallpaper is the best option you have. You can go for something bold like wallpaper with black and white stripes. It’s classic and it will draw attention to your entryway in a stylish and fabulous way. If that’s not your style, there is still a chance to play around with other fun color combinations that will suit your home decor and give off an extra pop.  You can even get a removable wallpaper in case you’re living in a rented apartment or tends to be indecisive.

Organize your wall

Make use of every inch of space on your hallway. If you don’t have a front hall closet, go for the wall-mounted organizers. They are not only functional but will also incorporate a sense of style in your hallway. You can even hand a plant of your wall organizer for a welcoming effect.

Create a picture ledge

Don’t leave your entryway walls bare when there are endless ideas for hallway decor. For instance, adding  a picture ledge is surely a good idea. It’s a perfect idea and aside from just displaying photos, you can go the extra mile and also incorporate some meaningful mementos and trinkets. Picture ledges are simply gorgeous and depending on your style, they are bound to add a minimalist sophistication to the hallway. Furthermore, they take very little space.

Go in the modern direction

If you are a fan of modern aesthetics, then here is your chance. The good thing about modern designs is that they open a door to many ideas. You can never run out of wanting to do in creating modern aesthetics. A modern design for your hallway is typically all about geometric patterns, sleek flooring, and neutral hues. Use curated accent pieces to produce a cool and contemporary feel. There are lots of ideas to help you create a contemporary flow. All you have to do is go with your style. You can even throw in a storage bend where you can stash your stuff and it doubles as a place to sit and cool your feet for a little while. This would be the ideal area to just sit down and take off your shoes as you enter the house. Sounds good, right?

Use mirrors to expand the space

In many homes, people use mirrors to make space appear bigger. The truth is nothing is as beautiful as a nice mirror in the hallway. For starters, it makes the entryway welcoming to all the people coming into the home. Secondly, this would be the perfect spot to have a quick glimpse of yourself as you walk out of the house. Go for a decorative mirror and complete the look with a narrow and polished console. The shape of the mirror depends on your preference. It can be a round or rectangular mirror.

Don’t shy away from botanical wall coverings

Homeowners are often afraid of trying out awkward layouts because it’s not easy to properly appoint them. Well, take on the challenge and dress up your hallway with a gorgeous botanical wall covering. There are lots of designs to pick from including palm trees, banana leaves, verdant vines, and flirty florals.

Hang some wooden hooks

Combine function and fashion using circular wooden hooks.  The hooks are perfect for hanging some of your items such as hats and totes. you can find some stylish sets in many of the online stores.

Hang a pet’s portrait

We all love our pets so much and you can take that a notch higher by hanging your pet’s portrait in the hallway. Find an artist and commission him to capture a portrait of your pet. It will be nice that each time you or your guests walk into the house, the pet portrait is there to greet you. A pet portrait will surely create a fun environment in the hallway.

Embrace wood tones

Wood is gorgeous and more people should embrace it. In that case, you have an opportunity to use woodwork on your entire entryway and the nearby staircase. Wooden walls on the entryway give a subtle but sophisticated feel.  Furthermore, when working with wood, you don’t have to do much in decorating the hallway. The wood alone is enough to create the effect that you want on the hallway.


There are lots of wall decor ideas for hallway. The most important thing is to choose the design that will work in your favor and represent your style. The hallway is still a space in your home and for that reason, you should utilize it in the best way possible.

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