Warm up your home with soft lightings
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There’s nothing more comforting than a cozy home, either in different seasons or not; the best part about staying indoors is staying in a cozy home. Some people feel like they can’t have simple but cozy homes; they expect that cozy homes should be expensive, so they don’t bother about styling them.

They just make sure the essentials are there, and that’s all, and others might feel like something’s missing about their home; it doesn’t give off a good vibe. Then they compare their homes to photos on Pinterest and feel like it would cost a lot, both physically and financially, so at the end, they look away; but let me tell you that cozy doesn’t always have to scream money, rather it should scream, comfort, peace, and serenity – you have to feel good in your home.

Now the big question is, what makes a home cozy?

I would say many things make a home cozy; the wall decor, the furniture, the paintings, and even up to the lightings. Making your home feel cozy doesn’t cost much, and you may even have all you need at your disposal. To achieve a homely look, you should;

· Warm up your home with soft lightings:

home with soft lightings
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If you’re confused about the steps you need to take to make your home cozy, start with your lightings; soft lightings do it all; you don’t want to add harsh lightings. You need something minimal like warm-toned LED lights, multiple floors, and table lamps, or a kind of candle glow, scented candles are preferable. Change your lightings to warm ones and notice the difference in the look and feel of your home.

· Add rugs and texture:

Rugs for home decor

The floors can get cold when the weather changes, and the only thing advice to help you stay warm and cozy is creating a fine line between your feet and the bare floor by covering it up with some soft rugs. A fun fact; there is not a single place in the house that can’t benefit from a nice rug – including the kitchen and bathroom! If you can’t get a full space rug, you can get smaller ones and layer them around your space; it would even give you more room to exercise your interior designing prowess. If you also don’t feel like rugs in the bathroom s aren’t your style, there’s always an option; get a cozy bathmat! You don’t want to step out of the shower onto some cold floors, plus it’s dangerous too. So help yourself to a bathmat.

· Bring in small pillows and throw pillows:

Who wouldn’t love snuggling small-sized pillows while watching a movie or having a nice chat with someone? It is one of the best feelings, and since cozy is about being in the best feelings, you should consider bringing in pillows. Wooly cable knit and nubby boucle is recommended.

· Select a warm paint color for your home:

Select a warm paint color for your home
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overly bright or dark colors aren’t recommended when for cozy homes, it doesn’t give the warm effect as expected; gray or white or eggshell color feels like something to warm up the look of your home.

· Add wood:

wood instantly gives off a warm feeling. It would be best if you considered adding a hint of wood in every room of your home or even have hardwood floors, wooden counters for your kitchen, wooden dresser, wooden doors, or shelves.

· Decorate your home:

Decorate your home
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One of the best ways to “warm up” your home is with decorations; do not leave your wall plains and empty! Fiber art, textile wall hangings, beautiful quilts, your photographs, mirrors, your children’s artwork,  wall shelves, and even picture frames- you need to put your “memories on display” they help you feel connected with space and fill your heart with warmth.

· Warm up your windows:

Give your windows a little warmth; they need it. It would be best if you tried heavy curtains with thermal linings; they make the home look cozy and protect your space from any harsh weather, especially winter.

· Neat slippers

You can make your home cozy by having a pair of neat slippers at the entrance of your home, which you can change to whenever you come in; this keeps your feet away from cold grounds and makes the home look comfortable.

· Add life by organic plants and flowers:

You should consider adding living elements in every part of your home; it makes it cozier. It builds something like a connection with nature; they don’t all have to be fresh; you can mix the fresh plants with normal decoration flowers or vice versa, but make sure they’re in your homes. You also get to accessorize the vessels that hold them, which is comforting, by the way. Style your pots, baskets, cups, and bottles however you like; just make it warm. You could check out DIY videos on the internet.

· Round it off with a nice scent:

Never underestimate the power of scent! Do you love sniffing on new books because it’s so comforting? Well, I do. You’ll enjoy your home better and find it more comforting when it has a good scent. Try fresh flowers, wax melts, scented candles, and anything that smells comforting. It’s the best way to round off your cozy home, and you can never go wrong with this.

Try three or more of the tips to help your home get cozy, and you’ll be surprised that your home will thank you for adding a little more warmth than it had before!

Remember, it’s your home, so whatever resources you take or add to it, make sure you’re doing it to your comfort and style. Nothing matters more of a home than the comfort it’s owner derives from it.

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