Architectural Area Lighting Co.: What You Need To Know

architectural Area Lighting Company

Architectural Area Lighting Co.(AAL) is a lighting solutions company that specializes in the design and manufacture of outdoor lighting fixtures. They offer a wide range of lighting solutions for outdoor spaces, that includes wall-mounted, bollard, pole-mounted, and site lighting fixtures. They also provide custom design and engineering services for unique lighting projects.

The Architectural Area Lighting Company primarily serves customers in the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets, which includes architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and facility managers.

They are committed to sustainability and offer energy-efficient lighting solutions that can help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. AAL also uses environmentally friendly materials and processes in manufacturing operations.

The Architectural Area Lighting Company was founded in 1966 but was acquired by Hubbell Inc. in 2022, Hubbell is a multinational manufacturer of electrical and electronic products, such as lighting fixtures, and when they acquired AAL, it helped Hubbell expand its product offerings in the lighting solutions market.

In 2022, Currentâ„¢ replaced the Hubbell C&I Lighting website with, a new website that was part of Current’s rebranding and gave an entirely new look to the company’s site.

Current wanted its customers to have a better experience with the site, which will be improved over time. The site also presents Current’s HLI Brand portfolio that included AAL, Columbia, Kim Lighting, Kurt Veses, Litecontrol, and Prescolite. EXO, which was known as Hubbell Outdoor Lighting and NX Lighting Controls, formerly the old Hubbell Controls Solutions, were included in the portfolio.

As part of the HLI brand portfolio, AAL benefits from the resources and expertise of Current, which is a leading provider of energy-efficient lighting products and services. Current’s portfolio includes LED lighting, intelligent controls, and software solutions, which complement AAL’s outdoor lighting solutions. With the help of Current and the HLI brand portfolio, AAL can continue to innovate and provide high-quality lighting solutions to its customers.

AAL’s product categories included:

Contemporary post top




Wall Sconces


There are also other products offered by AAL, such as the Architectural Area Lighting Providence, Universe, Microstrike optics, Kick, Flex, Mitre, and Promenade.

On the site, customers can check out Architecture Area Lighting Co., and other brands under the HLI portfolio. They can call (800)888-8006 for software and controls support from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm EST from Mondays to Fridays. They can also email for troubleshooting, specifications, and programming)


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