10 Ideas To Decorate Your Baddie Aesthetic Room With LED Lights

Baddie Aesthetic Room with LED Lights
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The baddie aesthetic is back! From fashion to hairstyles, make-up, and even interior décor, there are various expressions of being a baddie. Spruce up your room to match your unique personality using LED lights. This can be done with bright neon colours, often leaning towards various tones of red, purple, pink, and blue. Try this trending aesthetic for yourself! To get started, here are 10 ideas to decorate your baddie aesthetic room with LED lights.

What is Baddie Aesthetic?

A baddie aesthetic is a recent popular phenomenon that is associated with confidence and a bold attitude. It is basically drawing from today’s beauty standards that include attractive and unique aesthetics. Most social media influencers are seen as baddies. This is seen through their fashion, styles of make-up, speech, and attitudes that are perceived as glamourous, unique, and somewhat rebellious against normal manners.

What is Baddie Aesthetic Room?

A baddie aesthetic room is defined by the fact that it is a living space that is meant to reflect the baddie aesthetic style. It perfectly taps into the radical ideas and stands out from the rest. The edgy, daring elements can be expressed in many ways, including the use of LED lights.

10 of the Baddie Aesthetic Room Ideas With LED Lights

1. Lining Walls and Ceilings

Common among Instagram influencers, LED string lights can bring your wall edges to life. One way is to line your ceiling and walls with LED string lights to create a corner glow. It creates a very appealing alternative to plain, dark corners. The bright straight lines help enhance the ceiling height and length which can help accentuate the actual size of the room. One creative way to add to this is by using different lights around the room as well to compliment and contrast the string light.

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2. Headboard Lights

With the bed as the main furniture item in a room, there are several ways to use it to add to a baddie aesthetic. One of the ways is to use LED lights on the headboard to define the accent wall behind it. This light can be located behind the headboard so that it reflects off the wall to create a magical illusion. This can be achieved through LED lamps placed on the floor behind the headboard or string lights attached to the lining of the headboard.

3. Words in Neon Lights

Suppose you have a favourite quote or name, you can pin it up in your room. One exciting way is to use LED lights to add glowing text for the baddie aesthetic. It’s an even cooler experience when the words flicker or change colour. The brighter, the better. This serves as a daily reminder of your affirmation while adding to the baddie aesthetic of your room.

4. Creative LED Shapes

Add various shapes and symbols to your baddie aesthetic room to liven up your walls. Heart shapes are great for romantic themes in the bedroom. If you are feeling dreamy, try clouds, stars, or abstract shapes. Other shapes you can use are accentuated letters of your name, horoscope signs or even religious signs. Simple lines, circular, rectangular, or curvilinear shapes can also do the trick. You can also use multiple shapes or several copies of the same shape on the wall.

5. Cloudy Neon Sky

LED lights can create an illusion of a starry night sky for your baddie aesthetic room. With a moving lamp, the illusion gets even better. There are LED lamps in the market that can create the appearance of disc lights. These also create this dreamy illusion that is perfect for home parties or a solo night. Blue tooth speakers also now have LED lamps that create movements and change colour depending on the beats and rhythms of the music being played.

6. Hanging foliage

LED lamps can be combined with other pieces of décor such as faux plant foliage to create a baddie aesthetic. These can hang on your accent wall and give it an interesting look. It creates a version of a lit hanging garden without the hustle of having to water and grow real plants. To make it more realistic, you can experiment with colours of LED lights that are closer to the green colour of foliage.

7. LED-framed Mirror

Mirror frames are the new entrant into the baddie aesthetic. You can use string lights to line your mirror as a DIY project. The outcome will be a nice display of your favourite neon colour being reflected off the mirror onto the rest of your baddie aesthetic room. Not only will your mirror selfies be literally lit but the neon lights will create an appearance as if you had a live filter in your camera.

8. LED-Lined Bed

Apart from the mirror, there are several other items of furniture that you can line using LED string lights. Your bed, for instance, is one splendid idea. Since it is the largest piece of furniture in the room, you might as well light it up! Furthermore, lining the bottom part of your bed will create the illusion of a floating bed which is a unique play of light. Combine this with other types of LED lights in the room to complement one another.

9. Floating Bed

Having LED lights below the perimeter of your bed can give the look of a floating bed. That is a unique expression of a baddie aesthetic. When added to a bed, bedside table or chair, it will give you room a magical feel of light coming from beneath the furniture. This can also create a fantastic reflection off the floor, especially off shiny ceramic or wooden ties. It can light up the entire room which is soft on the eye and unique for a baddie.

10. Lit Picture Frames

Lit Picture Frames

Bring your photos to life through lit picture frames. LED lights are versatile and can be great linings for your cherished memories. They not only serve as decoration for your plain walls but also light up your room in to a baddie aesthetic. If you cannot find neon light frames, string LED lights can also achieve the same. You can even refurbish old frames into lit picture frames with these string LED lights.


The baddie aesthetic room can be decorated in many ways using LED lights. From string lights to starry nights and lit picture frames, LED lights are very versatile when used to create this aesthetic. You can also combine more than one idea in the same room for an enhanced experience.

Brenda Nyawara
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