Chandeliers for Bathroom: How to Select the Right Chandeliers for Your Bathroom

Chandeliers for your bathroom

Gone are the days when people only used to install chandeliers in their living rooms and bedrooms but ignored the bathroom. Well, times have changed and many modern homeowners are considering installing a chandelier in the bathroom. In fact, chandeliers for bathrooms are among the notable ways to improve the look of your bathroom and give it a sophisticated ambiance. That said, chandeliers for bathrooms come in all forms and sizes.  You have to go for a style and finish that will correspond with that of the bathroom. On that note, here is all that you need to know when selecting bathroom chandeliers;

Size of the bathroom

Compared to some other lighting fixtures, chandeliers tend to consume more space both physically and visually. Many of the designers will advise you to get a chandelier only when there is enough space in your bathroom, preferably 100 square feet. You might even want to increase the space for some features such as a free-standing tub or walk-in shower. With that said, avoid squeezing up the space too much to the point there is no room left.

If your bathroom is small, there is nothing to worry about because small chandeliers for bathroom are also available. A small fixture will ensure the space is not overpowered and there is proportion. You can consider small crystal chandeliers for bathroom for that extra touch of sophistication.

The style options

No matter your style, you will always find a chandelier to go with it. The first thing to keep in mind is the style of your bathroom. It will be your guide on the fixture options to choose from. There are so many options for style out there and you will barely miss what you’re looking for. Looking for crystal chandeliers but your bathroom is a bit small? Worry no more. You can easily find mini crystal chandeliers for bathroom. If you like fabric, ensure it’s the kind of material that can withstand the constant wet environment and still look great.


What is the layout of your bathroom? Do you want the chandelier installed directly above the tub? This is actually a nice way to make the bathtub a focal point in the room. On the other hand, if the design of your bathroom does not make it suitable for you to have a chandelier placed directly above the bathtub, it will still look great to hang a small distance in front of the tub. Just ensure the layout gives everything in the room a centered look. You can even install the chandelier in the middle of the room and still achieve a great, neat, centered look.

Height of the ceiling

This is actually a very critical consideration when thinking of chandeliers for bathroom. You will need overhead space for the chandelier. It makes no sense to go for a huge chandelier that will take up much of the overhead space and pose a risk of you bumping your head on it. That’s why, before you settle for any design, ensure it meets the state and local regulations. For instance, a bathroom chandelier should be at least eight feet above the ground.

A wide chandelier would mean that you must hang it farther down from the ceiling so that there is enough room and it does not hit the ceiling. Simply use a long chain or a rod to create distance between the ceiling and the chandelier. Mini chandeliers for bathrooms are often the best choices for low ceilings and small bathrooms with less space.

Size and shape

Like I said earlier, chandeliers basically take up space in the room. However, if you have a grand bathroom with lots of space to spare, don’t shy away from going for a grand chandelier. Make sure the shape of the chandelier coincides with the shape of the room and emphasizes its best features like the windows.


You can get inspiration from the current trends in modern homes to choose the best material for your ideal chandelier. Brass and polished nickel are quite popular nowadays. However, the most important thing to remember is to maintain cohesiveness in the room.

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