How to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinet

How to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinet

Most of us love food and there is nothing that brings happiness among people other than sharing a delicious meal. That said, after all the cooking, your kitchen cabinets will have some grease on them that must be removed as soon as possible. Sometimes, grease accrues on the kitchen cabinets from the frequent cooking or people touching them with greasy hands. While getting grease off the kitchen cabinets seems quite easily, it may take a bit of effort from your side to remove it. On several occasions, I have come across people asking, how do I clean sticky kitchen cabinets? There are many ways to go about it and we have done the honors of rounding them up for you. On that note, here is how to clean sticky grease off kitchen cabinets;

Use white vinegar and hot water

You don’t have to spend money on expensive degreasing products when you can simply use white vinegar and hot water. For starters, white vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and has some impeccable degreasing properties basically because of its acidic nature. Furthermore, white vinegar does not have any harmful chemicals that might be found in some of degreasing products. You can even use it to clean other kitchen appliances apart from the cabinets.

All you have to do is mix the vinegar and hot water in a 50/50 measure and put the solution in a spray bottle.  Spray the solution directly on the greasy kitchen cabinets and leave it for a few minutes. Wipe the cabinets with a warm cloth to remove all the grease stains.

Use dishwashing liquid

How to clean grease off kitchen cabinets has a pretty simple answer. Your dishwashing liquid will get the job done. The dishwashing soap is designed to effectively cut through grease on the dishes and will definitely make for an excellent degreasing agent for the cabinets. Additionally, degreasing with the dishwashing soap is super easy. The first thing to do is add a small amount of your usual dishwashing soap to a bowl of warm water. Get the cleaning sponge, dip it in the water and squeeze. Using the sponge, start scrubbing the cabinet and follow the grain on wooden cabinet. Rinse the sponge while repeating the process until all the grease is removed.

Remove grease with baking soda and lemon

What is the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets? Well, there are so many of them but baking soda and lemon never disappoints. These two are actually the champions of natural cleaning agents. If you have stubborn grease set on your cabinets, worry no more because you have just found yourself excellent cleaning agents that will leave them looking clean and shiny. Use two parts of warm water and lemon juice with one part of baking soda to create an effective cleaning solution. Put the resulting solution in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the cabinets. Wait for about three minutes before gently rubbing away the grease using a sponge.

I know you’ve been wondering what is the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets. White vinegar, lemon, dishwashing liquid and baking soda seems to be the best degreaser for greasy kitchen cabinets. However, you can use several other methods such as Flour or coconut oil to remove the grease in cabinet doors which are practically magnets for sticky grease stains and other dirt.