10 Best Creative Entryway Wall Decor Tips and Design Ideas

Entryway wall decor
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As much as it’s often overlooked, the entryway is just as important as other spaces in your home. You might not realize it, but your entryway has lots of design potential and for that reason, it’s vital to pay close attention to it. Keep in mind, this is the place where you welcome people into your home. It is the first space in your home that guests will see and you would essentially want to create a good first impression of your home. Luckily, there are plenty of creative entryway wall décor ideas you can use to liven up the space. We have provided the best create entryway wall décor tips and ideas that will really command attention and make a significant difference.

Put everything in its place

First things first, ensure everything is in its place. Do not let your entryway get cluttered with all kinds of items because this can happen faster than you actually notice. This is the landing place for you, your kids and guests and piles might stack up quite easily. The first most important design tip for your entryway is to organize it and make sure there is a place to put stuff. A couple of hooks in the entry would be great for you to hang your bag after a long day from work.  A place to stash shoes will be highly appreciated as this keeps them out of the way and people don’t have to trip over boots and other kinds of shoes.

Reflect light

Some entryways lack enough light to properly illuminate the area. The most thoughtful small entryway wall decor idea would be to hang a mirror on one of the walls. This is especially the perfect idea if your front door also has windows next to it. The mirror will work to bounce light around the room and bring in some brightness. Ensure you angle the mirror directly across the source of light to maximize on the natural brightness flowing into the home. This will make your entryway feel larger and more airy.

Use a bold, daring color

Try using a color that is not usually an obvious choice for an entryway and you’ll be surprised with the transformation. Bold colors always command attention and will make the entryway appealing on the eyes.

Consider abstract artwork

Entryway wall decor is all about being creative and trying out something new. It’s true that portraits and prints are among the notable ways to add interest to your walls. However, with abstract art, you have the opportunity to play with different shapes and colors. For instance, you can echo a certain color in the artwork with your walls or use the painting to complement furniture. You have lots of options at your display.

Use wallpaper to wake up the walls

Something as simple as a wallpaper can have such an amazing and immense effect on your entryway wall décor. A carefully chosen wallpaper will enhance the mood of the entryway and create a beautiful and sophisticated impression. You can play around with different prints and patterns to suit your style. Remember, this is your entryway and you actually have the opportunity to design it in a way that reflects your personality.

Design a gallery wall

Pick a coup0le of your prized pieces of art and display them on the entryway. Usually, the size of your space will determine the kind of pieces more suitable to hang. For instance an open stairway is most likely to support a few large pieces of portraits. On the other hand, a narrow, less open space can take on a mix of small to medium size pieces. A gallery wall is the perfect way to set the tone for your home. Instead of having plain and boring walls on your entryway, turn them into a museum worthy masterpiece.

Consider the dark side

When it comes to colors, people have different tastes and preferences. Some people like daring colors like lipstick people, while there are those more inclined on the darker colors. Painting your walls with a dark color is great for the entry. You can paint the wall as well as the ceiling in a dark, moody color especially when the entryway is already dark. Using a color such as white in an entryway with no natural light will only make it more gloomy because the white color has nothing to bounce off. However, going along with the darkness gives it a cozy feeling.

Finish off with floating shelves

Do you want somewhere to keep your apartment keys and mail? Create storage on your wall with some floating shelves.  This is among the popular wall decor ideas for entryway because they are functional without talking up your floor space. Furthermore, you don’t need to get a professional to set up floating shelves on your entry wall. It’s a simple DIY project you can complete in an hour.

Layer up with a storage ladder

If you’re not a fan of drilling holes into the wall, there is another option on the list. Lean a ladder shelving unit against the wall and you won’t have to tamper with your walls. A storage ladder works similar to the floating shelves. This means you can use it to display some of your family photos and other decorative pieces.

Fill the wall with foliage

Fill your entryway wall with love using some floating plants.  If you have a green thumb, don’t be afraid be embrace it by taking up this wall decor idea. There are many ways to incorporate some floating plants on your wall. You have to pick the design idea that will work best for your home decor and match your style.


We may not pay much attention to the entryway because sometimes it’s only a small space. But even when it’s small, there are still endless small entryway wall decor ideas you can embrace and turn your home around.

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