How To Live In Your Home While Renovating It

Home renovation
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Homeowners undertaking extensive renovations independently or with industry professionals would ideally find another place to live during renovation. Still, only some have family they can move in with or the budget to rent one while their own home undergoes a transformation.

Living in a construction zone may be unavoidable, although challenging. If you want to make life in your work-in-progress easier for everyone involved, take some of these actions:

Keep Your Home Free of Debris

Tearing down walls and pulling out fixtures is integral to home renovation, creating plenty of renovation debris in its wake. A plan for cleaning up any excess will go a long way toward keeping your space clutter-free with renovation debris removal!

As an alternative to having piles of building materials scattered about, rent a dumpster so they are all kept together in one spot and keep the mess to a minimum while continuing everyday life. Doing this will allow your children to remain safer at home while making life easier for themselves and those around them.

Dedicate One Room for Yourself

Either DIY your renovations yourself or bring in professionals. Consider making your bedroom first, so you have a sanctuary. Even if the rest of the house remains an unorganized construction zone, at least this way, there will be one place you can retreat to in the evenings without worrying about construction dust and building tools lying about.

Set Aside a Room for Storage

A home renovation project can become chaotic and disorganized as new fixtures, fittings, building materials, and tools pile up across your workspace. By allocating a dedicated room for storage during renovation work, unforeseen messiness and disorganization are avoided while moving ahead with your home project.

Unavoidably, our homes can quickly become overrun with clutter and building materials; however, you can add some sense of organization by designating one room of the house specifically to store these items. Furthermore, this may help prevent double purchases when misplacing items you already purchased.

Put Your Possessions In Storage

No matter how often you vacuum, construction dust can quickly build up in a home under renovation. To reduce its effect and simplify your life with fewer possessions, declutter your home using storage during renovations. Storing furniture away may also help when floor-laying gets in the way or when additional space must be cleared away for storage of building materials.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Renovating with young children can be tricky, given all its inherent dangers. While you cannot entirely avoid having them present during construction activities, they could be limited in time spent attending school and kindergarten, asking friends or family members for babysitting services, or planning fun activities designed to keep them out of your house as much as possible.

Living in a house under renovation will be one of the most challenging things your family ever does, even if it will be worth it. Take some of the actions above, and you can keep your stress levels to a minimum. 

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