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Joe Burrow, the star quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, has captured the hearts of many football fans with his remarkable performance on the field. Nevertheless, off the field, Joe Burrow has impressed us with his choice of stunning houses both in Ohio and Cincinnati. From leading the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers to a national championship in 2019 to becoming the face of the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL, Joe Burrow’s success story is truly impressive. In this article, we will take a tour of Joe Burrow’s houses that have shaped this charismatic athlete’s story.

Athen’s, Ohio—Joe Burrow’s First House:

Joe Burrow’s story begins in the picturesque city of Athens, Ohio. He was born and raised here and began playing football at a young age. Later, he attended Ohio University and got his chance to shine after transferring to Louisiana State University (LSU) where he led his team to an undefeated season and a national championship. Nevertheless, Joe Burrow still lives with his parents in his childhood home in The Plains, Athens County, Ohio.

While people may have expected Burrow to live in a lavish mansion, he decided to live in a modest home with his parents in Athens. Joe’s choice showcases his commitment to staying grounded and connected to his roots.

According to reports, the Burrow family purchased the property for $240,000 in 2005, which is now estimated to be worth around $325,000. While the details of Joe Burrow’s house are not widely known, from the pictures he shares on his social media accounts, the house is said to have an open-concept living area that features hardwood floors and windows that let in plenty of natural light.

The well-manicured backyard is spacious and private, with the perfect spot for outdoor entertainment. The house four-bedroom and three-bathroom bungalow-style home sits on a quiet street in Athens and is surrounded by greenery.

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Where is Joe Burrow’s hometown?

Joe Burrow grew up in the quaint city of The Plains, Ohio, which is his hometown. It is a village of about 2,644 people located in Athens County, USA. Jimmy Burrow, Joe Burrow’s father, had been the defensive coordinator at Ohio University and the Burrow family moved to The Plains when Joe was in his third grade. Joe Burrow attended Athens High School, where he was a standout quarterback and he began to show a real talent for football early on.

Cincinnati, Ohio—Joe Burrow’s New House

Following his successful college career at Louisiana State University (LSU), Joe Burrow was selected as the first pick by Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL draft. According to sports reports, Joe Burrow’s attractive contract provided him with a four-year deal of $36.2 million and a $23.9 million signing bonus. As Joe Burrow’s football career took flight, so did his choice of houses. He purchased his new house in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2020, which was built in 2014.

The house is said to be 2,900 square feet and according to reports, his stunning Ohio mansion is worth approximately $835,000 and is equipped with modern amenities. The house features a high ceiling, a fireplace, and a spacious garage that can fit two automobiles simultaneously.

Where does Joe Burrow live now?

Despite having a new house in Cincinnati, Joe Burrow still lives with his parents in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Ohio, Athens, which the Burrow family purchased in 2005. Often, Joe’s father jokingly says that “Joe is a millionaire living in his parent’s basement.”

Burrow’s choice of homes in both Ohio and Cincinnati reflects his commitment to staying close to his roots while embracing the opportunities that come along the way.

What makes Joe Burrow so special?

Time and again, Joe Burrow has expressed his deep love for the game of football. He is continuously studying and practicing his skills. Essentially, Joe Burrow is a leader, always inspiring his teammates with his work ethic and dedication.

Burrow has proved that he is a down-to-earth human being and is committed to giving back to his community. During Covid-19, he donated about $700,000 to help families in need in areas of Ohio and Cincinnati.

Did You Know?

No matter what game he is playing, Joe Burrow always wears the number 9 jersey as a tribute to his father, Jimmy Burrow.

During his rookie season in NFL, Joe Burrow suffered a knee injury and went through surgery. Nevertheless, despite this unfortunate setback, Joe bounced back and made a full recovery.

Joe Burrow has been an obedient student. He was named to the SEC Honor Roll a couple of times during his college career for his outstanding achievements in his studies.


What is the net worth of Joe Burrow?

As of 2023, Joe Burrow has a net worth of $10 million and he has signed a four-year $36.19 million contract with Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL draft.

How much money does Joe Burrow have?

Joe Burrow is a young and talented athlete and his net worth is expected to grow in the coming years. Below is a breakdown of his estimated income:

NFL salary: $36.19 million

Endorsements: $1 million

Total income: $37.19 million

How much did Joe Burrow’s houses cost?

Joe Burrow bought a 2,900-square-foot house in Cincinnati, Ohio in June 2020 for about $835,000. The four-bedroom house is sited about 5 miles northeast of downtown and Paul Brown Stadium. The two-story home was built in 2014 and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also has a serene backyard with a deck and a pool.

Joe Burrow’s childhood home in the city of Athens, Ohio was bought by his family in 2005 for roughly $240,000 where Joe grew up with his two brothers.

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