Why Wrap Aluminum Foil Around Doorknob When Alone at Home?

Why wrap foil around door knob when alone

Have you seen advice online recently suggesting you wrap your doorknob with foil to deter intruders? Understandably, you want to feel safe and secure when you’re by yourself. However, why should you wrap aluminum foil around your doorknob when alone at home? Keep reading the article to learn the answer.

What Is Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil (often referred to as tin foil) is a common household item consisting of thin, flexible rolls or sheets of aluminum. People use foil to wrap leftovers, line baking sheets, prepare their barbecue grills, and do various other tasks.

Many people also use aluminum foil to protect plants from frost and cover windows during heat waves. Even NASA used aluminum foil during a space mission to protect equipment. But, why put foil on a doorknob?

Why Wrap Foil Around The Doorknob When Alone at Home?

The theory that wrapping your doorknob in aluminum foil when alone will deter burglars suggests a few reasons for this practice. One thought is if you wrap the entire knob tightly in foil, it becomes harder for someone to turn the knob.

Additionally, when a burglar attempts to turn the knob, the foil rustles, alerting you to impending intruders. (However, depending on where you are in your home, you would need excellent hearing.)

Does Wrapping Your Doorknob in Foil Protect You from Burglars?

Unfortunately, wrapping your doorknobs in aluminum foil isn’t a successful way to prevent intruders from entering your home. There are much more effective methods, including using a monitored alarm system, installing heavy-duty locks, or replacing standard strike plate screws with longer ones.

San Diego ABC 10 News investigated the purported safety measure in their segment “Fact or Fiction” and found the suggestion was false. Popular internet myth-buster Snopes also looked into the claim and found it to be “misleading click-bait.”

The concept of wrapping doorknobs in foil surfaced through an online ad that led readers through a lengthy set of slides. The article claimed to feature multiple life hacks for improving one’s quality of life.

It eventually ended with suggestions to wrap doorknobs and locks in foil to protect them while painting. There was nothing about using foil to ward off burglars. The words “when you’re alone” were merely added to encourage more people to click.

Over time, more and more sites eager to generate views used the same idea to lure people into clicking through to their sites. But regardless of why or where you see this bit of home-safety advice, know that it isn’t true. Don’t rely on aluminum foil to protect you from intruders.

Aluminum Foil Has Many Uses: Protecting Against Home Invasion Isn’t One of Them

Feeling safe is something everyone wants and has a right to. Unfortunately, many would prey on that desire for selfish reasons.

Overall, if you’re home alone, don’t rely on aluminum foil to protect you. Wrapping doorknobs in aluminum foil doesn’t have an effect on an impending home invasion. Save the foil for your leftovers and use more productive means for keeping you and your home safe.

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