Top 10 Psychedelic 70s Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Studio inspo Richard Hann’s space

Psychedelic 70s interior design is all about color, creativity, and movement. This article features the top 10 most psychedelic home decor pieces for your living room, bedroom, and other spaces around the house. Get ready to transcend your space with rad textiles, prints, art, and more! But before that, I know you are wondering what is 70s interior design called and what interior design style was popular in the 70s? So, let’s shed the right.


What is 70s interior design called?

The 70s interior design takes inspiration from the era of bell bottoms, mood rings and other groovy things of that decade. 70s interior design is a vibrant form of design that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into an ’80s fashion shoot. The colors are bold, the prints are big and the patterns will have you dancing to disco music. Psychedelic is a good way to describe this style and it’s also referred to as retro or vintage 70s interior design.

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What designs were popular in the 70s?

People may think the psychedelic 70s interior design is retro, but it’s truly an original style. The 70s popularized the hippie and bohemian style, which was then eventually transformed into the retro 1960s design.

Here are some of the 70s interior inspirations that will make you go crazy for your home:

1. Tom Jones’ 70s-style

Tom Jones’ 70s-style

For people that want to chill in the shade indoors throughout the summer, the Tom Jones’ 70s-style is a perfect inspiration. You can make it Tom Jones today if you want to take a chill on the yacht, veranda or just being out of the kitchen heat. You can adjust this look in many ways and you can change it any time and choose from a variety of colors. The indoor swimming pool and the compact yet functional kitchen layered with red wallpapering can make a perfect combination.

With a 70s groovy vintage sofa inspired by curved models, sectional and modular coaches, you can make a Boudeuse (Back-to-back) sofa if you want to instill the 70s feel of being sited facing each other. You can also make a couch inspired by other 1970s styles such as the vintage 1970s English style.

2. Studio inspo Richard Hann’s space

Studio inspo Richard Hann’s space

As we mentioned before, the 70s interior design takes inspiration from the era of bell bottom pants, mood rings, and other groovy things from the 60s. The psychedelic home accents are usually in cute shapes, bright colors, and patterns. The Studio inspo inspiration from Richard Hann’s space can be a great studio 70s inspiration. With compact monochrome wall cabinets and 70s vintage sculpture and texture, carpets give the studio real retro décor inspiration. Other notable 70s design features include the geometric pattern in the wall cabinets, trimmed with gold paint, a flower-patterned carpet, and other retro design elements. An orange 1970s seat is also featured here for a livelier feel. The arco floor lamp that was designed in 1962 is featured adding the studio some 70s design feel. The 70s Vornado fan is also visible circulating air with the pivoting head that makes it both functional and an amazing décor.

3. 70shouseManchester Bathroom inspiration

Bathroom inspiration

When it comes to the bathroom, there were a few 70s-bathroom inspiration ideas you can get online. But with the 70shousemanchester bathroom inspiration, it can be easier to get that old feel in your bathroom with just a few makeovers. It’s a perfect DIY décor-crushing idea that you can get. With hanging gold chandler lights and a flower pot in the bathroom window, it becomes a comfort area for you. Don’t forget the gold wall makeup and the natural flowers and fern in the bathroom to introduce nature to the interior décor. The sinks are well set with under-storage and a gold and black concrete toilet on the corner. The bathtub can become a favorite with its 70s décor inspired by vintage 70s style. It’s not the most expensive project but it will make your bathroom more cheerful during those rainy days.

4. Brutalist Mansion in Perth 70s disco inspiration

Brutalist Mansion in Perth 70s disco inspiration
Image source:

The house has a light-up dance floor, a 70s DJ booth and a croc-look wallpaper. The disco room lights up the dance floor and sweeps the views of the city skyline. The design was inspired by the couple, Sergio Marsala and his wife Tana’s visit to Las Vega in the 1970s. The design remains true to its 70s theme and the mid-century venetian chandelier. The other notable 70s inspiration ideas are the crocodile look wallpaper and the 70s DJ Booth and a well-built old school music system. You can notice the sunken living room with the plush Alpaca carpeting which is a perfect combination for a cozy night with a partner or friends.

5. Conversationpitarchive 70s Living room

70s Living room

The return of the sectional sofas is worth checking if you wanted 70s living room interior décor inspiration. I have come across many people asking ‘’How can I make my house look like the 70s’’, if you are one of them, then this inspiration is beneficial. The Conversationpitarchive 70s living room introduces a style of seating that has been offstage for a long time. The furnishing potential for the interiors and across the stars with a blend of orange colors on the floor mats and big windows to introduce natural light.

6. Catskills A Frame 70s interior inspiration

Catskills A Frame 70s interior inspiration

For the Instagram pictures by Veluxusa, the house misses a ceiling but retains the wow-factor and it’s worth checking. The natural lights from the skylight are introduced naturally to transform a 70s era home into a beautiful retreat.   It introduces the vision of daylight and fresh air to give you the quality of life you deserved. Notable how the wood frames and the timber walls are painted in two contrasting colors, gold and white and the toilet, the sink and the bathtub blends smoothly in white color. The mirror door and the pentagon patterned floor and the blue handmade carpet makes the house an inspiration nucleus.

7. Charismatic 70’s vibes in Vancouver

Charismatic 70’s vibes in Vancouver

If you are a fun of the 1970s interior style, you probably know that it’s all about the balance of patterns, styles, and color. This Charismatic 70s vie in Vancouver combines a symphony of independent elements, well-constructed compositions, colors and varying tempos to make it a cool and charismatic scheme. To give a 1970s feel, you can use ceramic floor tiles similar to the ones shown in this scheme. This scheme balances a variety of patterns and styles, which makes it very colorful. A wide selection of home décor accessories such as the retro lights, wall paintings, ceramics and paintings can be used to give your living room more 70s vibe.

8. Retro chic vibes + groovy colors by Agnes Rudzite

Retro chic vibes + groovy colors by Agnes Rudzite

You can start with a 1970s interior design by adding a few colors in your home. If you love the vibrant colors of the 70s, this one will be a good inspiration for you. This scheme creates a perfect blend of retro chic vibes and groovy colors to give your living room a more classic feel. To give yourself more comfort, this scheme features memory foam mattresses and sloped beds that have extra storage space below. The color scheme is also a great idea due to the different elements and tones. You can achieve the super groovy color by using matte white and green tones. You can get this stylish interior décor inspiration by buying some of the clothes that used to be popular in 70’s. The wall art and coalescing finish on the tables and the Big wall cabinets in the bedroom layered with the blue wallpaper makes it a perfect 70s blend. The walkways are layered with evaporative color scheme and enough space for a 70s feel.

9. Sunken Living room by Conversationpitarchive

Sunken Living room by Conversationpitarchive
Image source:

The architectural designs that came out of style but back hitting the market are the sunken living room. The design was a 70s favorite for inserting cozy pocket in the come. This concept was introduced by architect, Bruce Goff. The design coupled with big windows for natural light can broaden the space, create intimacy and seclusion in large areas. This feature can effortlessly define each space in your living room. You can digest this 70s interior inspiration for a cozy and elegant living space that will invite ambience and conversation.

10. An eclectic ’70s home filled with vintage find

An eclectic ’70s home filled with vintage finds – jenasie earl
Image source:

This 1970s style home is filled with eclectic bohemian style and vintage finds. The color scheme is also perfect due to the combination of turquoise tones and neutrals. You can use some of the furnitures that were popular in the 70s. If you are wondering what furniture was popular in the 1970s, then rattan furniture, inflatable furniture, and Terrazzo furniture were popular.  Other notable design features are the retro 70’s body-shaped lamps, brown wallpapered cabinets, and brown flooring. You can also choose one color such as turquoise, brown or red to get a great color combination. And if you want to add something more vibrant, you can add a rug in different colors or patterns.

As we said before, the 70s interior design is all about patterns, styles, and colors. You are free to choose any theme you want in your home as long as you create a great balance to make it look well-constructed. This can be more applicable if you are not designing a whole house but just a room, as you don’t need to follow patterns, styles, and colors too strictly.

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