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Home staging is a recent art form that has captured a lot of interest online. It’s no longer just about furnishing a home to appease potential buyers. It is about showcasing a dream that draws onto people’s ambitions, with careful thought and style. One blogger who spectacularly executes this is Keki Cannon. She is a renowned real estate broker who has startled the internet with her creativity, style, influence and boss moves through her website, homewithkeki.com. She is a literal trailblazer in home staging, with an online portfolio spanning over a decade of experience.

Born in the United States, she has always dreamt of leaving her mark of style through her career. She has had opportunities to travel globally, including a year of study in South America. Because of this, her work is enriched with and informed by diverse art and culture from different parts of the world.

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Keki’s content is all-encompassing, covering a range of topics from staging tips to the business side of décor, including money-saving tactics. As we all know, when it comes to home staging, the elephant in the room is always the budget – how much will all this cost? Through Keki’s blog posts and recommendations, readers are able to make informed decisions when investing in these home-maker fittings and furnishings. She also offers consultation for readers who would like to start an e-home staging business.

Living the Dream: Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger

When it comes to variety, Keki has an understanding of different users of spaces and is able to deliver décor tips specific to them. From teen closets to girls’ bedroom design, her blog posts are able to decipher between styles that are particular to certain demographics.

Kitchen design
Kitchen room design, Image by Barry D from Pixabay

Keki adds a personal touch to her posts with her own encounters, which makes her output relatable. The evolution of her style and color palette is visible through her seasonal interior design ideas. Her growth over time is visible, always keeping up with trends while adding her own flair to it through her DIYs.

With Keki, even the smallest, most negligible space in your home matters. She has articles focusing on topics like how to style a nightstand, staircase banisters, candle tapers, and even coat closets. These spots are often forgotten in home staging, yet when carefully considered, they can become beautifully accentuated spaces.

Home interior design
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Living room design
Living room design, Image by Vincent Ciro from Pixabay

Apart from home staging, Keki also has a lifestyle tab where she shares her prized recipes of mouth-watering cuisines from her kitchen. It is said that a house becomes a home, especially when the aroma of home-cooked food is in the air. From sauté mushroom spaghetti recipes to sweet Italian sausage lasagna, these weekly recipes are a must try.

Through her lifestyle posts, Keki also showcases her current obsessions, which vary from clothing to books to display platters. She is into décor items that add to home ambience like scented candles, throw pillows, wall art, and collector items like chandeliers.

For more tips, products, events, or research inquiries, head on over to Home with Keki for a wholesome home staging experience!

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What is Home with Keki?

Home With Keki is an Interior design blogger’s blog.

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