Top 5 Trends In Mattress & Bedding Industry


Sleep, a crucial biological function, comes to the human body as naturally as eating, drinking, or breathing. Humans are believed to spend at least 20% to 40% of the day sleeping. Given the significance of sleep, it has an inherent connection with an individual’s physical and mental well-being.

A punctual and healthy sleeping pattern keeps you refreshed, focused, and organized. On the other hand, sleep deficiency can trigger the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and depression, directly impacting your overall productive, analytical, and creative skills.

Various natural and artificial factors determine the sleeping pattern of an individual. When, where, and how you sleep influences your daily habits and overall performance.

Importance of Mattress in Improving Sleep

Your naps’ overall quality and longevity depend on where you rest your body and everything from the bed base size to mattress quality.

Various studies have shown that a body adopts postures and locomotion while sleeping from the environment or surface on which it is rested. Hence, sleep disorders and poor work efficiency can result from an uncomfortable sleeping surface.

There is a natural relationship between the structure of a sleeping surface and the postural features of a body. Evidence has shown that when a sleeping surface suits the alignment of the body, there’s less discomfort in the spine and joint areas.

Since everyone’s body is unique, there’s not a single mattress that fits every personal requirement.  Additionally, the seller’s reputation and quality must be considered when choosing the perfect mattress or bed, along with factors like proper testing, consideration, and warranty.

Sellers like Sleeptone provide high-quality beds and mattresses to maximize your sleep comfort levels.

Top Five Mattress and Bedding Trends

1. Orthopedic Mattress

No one understands your body better than you; the same goes for your sleep. Your mattress should embody your sleeping style and body requirements. Moreover, many people suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain, so they opt for orthopedic mattresses that are individually customized to provide comfort.

An orthopedic mattress also helps prevent sleep disorders by supporting each part of your body, ensuring relief regardless of your sleeping position. There are also customized mattresses designed to alleviate breathing issues and resolve snore and sleep apnea problems.

2. Adjustable Beds

There is a common misconception that convertible beds are only for hospital patients. When you purchase a customized mattress suited to your personal needs, it’s pertinent that you also have a modern bed to match the functionality.

Convertible beds come with various features such as massage functions, memory settings that adjust the bed to your preferred position, and high-tech functions like zero-gravity mode to relieve body pressure.

Convertible or adjustable beds are designed in such a way that they can be lifted and shifted to your desired position. They also come with a vibration feature, perfectly complimenting customized mattresses.

3. Memory Foam Mattress

Technology can make everything better, and mattresses are no different. Memory foam mattresses have cooling gel technology that provides a balanced sleeping experience.

The purpose of the gel is to enable better airflow and reduce the temperature of the sleeping surface, ensuring a night of comfortable sleep for the user.

Even though these customized mattresses are more expensive than the normal ones, their durability is for a very long period. The gel beads keep the shape of the bed intact with little maintenance making the product a long-term investment with zero hassle.

Foam Mattress

4. Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattresses come in handy when sharing your bed with someone. It allows you to maintain your sleeping posture by holding your weight evenly and relieving pressure regularly.

Regular mattresses lack this technology and end up overworking your muscles by not adjusting to your body’s natural posture.

A pocket spring mattress helps relieve back pain as it adjusts to the natural curves of your back and responds to the pressure points in your body. Additionally, it automatically adjusts to every sleeping position, so you don’t have to change your mattress regularly. When it comes to the quality of sleep, pocket spring mattresses provide pure bliss.

Spring Mattress

5. Organic Mattress

Organic mattresses are much more health-conscious and eco-friendly than regular mattresses. These beds are perfect for those trying to incorporate a cleaner, more natural style into their sleeping habits.

This particular mattress category is safer for people with allergic tendencies and respiratory problems because it is made of all-natural and non-toxic materials. They have added functions like temperature control, elasticity, and physical pain relief. The lack of a carbon footprint and toxic chemicals makes organic mattresses appealing to sleep lovers.


No compromises should be made when selecting the surface on which you’re going to sleep. It should be comfortable and customized as per your body’s needs.  Sleep quality determines your overall mood, so choosing the best bed or mattress is a prerequisite to a good quality of life. Choose wisely.