Which Electric Appliance Emerged in The Postwar Era?

Electric vacuum cleaner
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Have you ever wondered which electric appliance emerged in the Post War Era? If yes, you are on the right blog. Here I will let you know the correct answer, as well as the history of the other items on this quiz.

Quiz: Which Electric Appliance Emerged in the Postwar Era?

A. the vacuum cleaner

B. the clothes dryer

C. the sewing machine

D. the stove/oven

Answer: The vacuum cleaner.

History of the vacuum cleaner:

Prior to the electric model, however, a couple of inventors previously created manual vacuum cleaners.  In 1860, Daniel Hess from Lowa invented a manual vacuum cleaner and named it ‘’Carpet Sweeper’’. Another model was invented by a Chicago engineer, Ives W. McGaffey in 1868 and named ‘’Whirlwind’’. This invention was powered by a belt-set fan, which made it difficult to operate.

At the same time, Melville R. Bissell in Michigan constructed another similar model in 1876. The first vacuum cleaning portable device was built and marketed domestically by Walter Griffiths, a manufacturer in Birmingham, England that is similar to modern-day cleaners.

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Among the newest vacuum cleaner developments is the 2004’s AiRider by a British company. The Hovering vacuum cleaner works similarly to a Hovercraft, which makes it easier to maneuver, and lightweight.

Another development is Air Recycling Technology. This technology uses an air stream instead of using a vacuum to collect the dust from dirty carpets.

In 1907, James Murray Spangler, a department store Janitor invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner. The vacuum was easy to use and store, and could easily be used by a single person. From the beginning of the invention, it was a luxury home appliance item for rich Americans, but after the Second World War, it became common among middle-class people.

When was the electric clothes dryer invented?

Before the introduction of the electric clothes dryer, in 1800, M. Pochon from French was the first to build a hand-cracked clothes dryer. Later, the first electric clothes dryer was invented and patented by Henry W. Altorfer in 1937.

Later, the first electric clothes dryer was invented and patented by Henry W. Altorfer in 1937. One year after Altorfer’s creation, a North Dakota inventor, J. Ross Moore, developed the designs for automation and they were published in 1938.

Before the electric clothes drier, garments were dried on outdoor clotheslines or indoor drying racks. In the early 1940s, an industrial designer, Brooks Stevens, developed an electric dryer with a glass window.

When was the electric sewing machine invented?

In 1819, Elias Howe invented the first practical sewing machine. The machine was praised for having a speed of 250 stitches a minute. His invention was patented on September 10th, 1846. Although it was popular for its fast speed, it failed to sell well due to other issues.

In the 1850s, Isaac Singer and Allen Wilson added their own feature to develop the existing sewing machine. Finally, Howe, Singer, and Wilson worked together and built sewing machines that were marketed for many years.

Later in 1889, Singer designed and marketed the first electric sewing machine for use in the home. This invention revolutionized the garment industry because it allowed faster and more efficient production of clothing materials. In 1905, it became a common uses item for all Americans.

When was the electric oven/stove invented?

In 1892, Thomas Ahearn patented the first electric oven/stove. Together with his co-founder, Warren Y, they owned the Ottawa’s Chaudiere electric light and Power company. Similar to the first electric cooker, the electric stove was showcased in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair. In 1897, William Hadaway received the patent under the number # 574537 for an “Automatically Controlled Electric Oven”.

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