Why Marbella Is a Great Place to Buy Property ?

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So, you’ve decided that you’d like to buy a property and are looking at your options. Perhaps you’ve done very well in life and want a second house somewhere where you can enjoy all the benefits you don’t get at home. Maybe you want to retire to a sunny climate and will sell the home you’re currently living in. Or, perhaps you even want to expand or create a property portfolio and are looking to see which area will get you the most return on your investment. Well, there’s no doubt about it; Marbella is the perfect place to buy a property – no matter the reason. Let’s explain why. 

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The Basics

If you’re not familiar with Marbella at all, it is located in the breathtaking Andalusian region in Spain, nestled on the charming Mediterranean coast. The city is rich in history and even boasts Roman remains, although, until the early 20th century, it was still mostly a small agricultural town. 

Later in the 1940s, fate brought Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, and he fell in love with Marbella, opening the Marbella Club Hotel in 1954 and encouraging all of Europe’s aristocracy to visit. The rich and famous have never stopped visiting this vibrant city since. These days, you can expect Hollywood elite and sports celebrities in some of the most luxurious hotels in the area. 

Of course, one of Marbella’s appealing features for many is the variety of landscapes it offers. You can go hiking in the surrounding mountains one day and explore ancient forests or relax on the beach another day. It also has excellent transport amenities within the city as well as to the rest of the Costa del Sol. Malaga Airport is also only half an hour by car – so you can be connected to the whole world, in a city that isn’t a constant traffic jam. 

The Culture

Marbella is well known for having a welcoming and open attitude toward people of all nationalities. Foreigners wanting to visit or live in the area and its surroundings will find themselves with warm, welcoming, and friendly neighbors. It’s certain; you’ll never feel out of place in Marbella. 

Like any modern European city, Marbella has a wide array of high-quality shops, spectacular markets, and fantastic dining experiences – in fact, there are now 15 Michelin-star restaurants in the city. It’s also famed for its lively nightlife scene. Less commonly, perhaps, there are also amusement parks and waterparks in the town – providing excellent entertainment for the whole family. 

A nice little side note is the quality medical care that Spain provides – this makes it a very safe and reassuring place to visit. Still, if you are considering moving for retirement or creating a new home, you can be sure that any medical needs will be met without breaking the bank – given that Spain has nationalized healthcare that offers free basic services to those who contribute to the system. 

Property Information 

A significant point that really puts Marbella ahead of other locations to buy property is the property array itself. Marbella has a fantastic variety of stunning properties to buy, catering to all budgets, so you can find exactly what you have always dreamed of. 

As the best properties will always be in the highest demand, if you’re looking for villas for sale in Marbella, it’s highly recommended that you seek out a trusted agent to help you with the process and find the property you want before others have a chance to purchase it. 

As mentioned, Marbella appeals to the wealthy and famous elite, so the homes are built to the standard of quality that they would expect – this is the market builders are appealing to. As well as providing you with a fantastic build, the Marbella property is a great investment. The buildings are constructed to last, are of high quality, and as Marbella’s appeal is unlikely to stop any time soon, you will always have a potential buyer should you ever want to sell. 

Another interesting fact to highlight about Marbella is that it is a fully functioning city – not just a place full of empty holiday homes. So, it weathers economic crises better than other seaside towns. In fact, since 2021, it’s thought that the typical ‘low season’ synonymous with beach cities and towns has stopped existing in Marbella. This is beneficial in two ways. 

Firstly, if you wish to live there permanently or semi-permanently, shops, restaurants, and other entertainment will remain open all year round, so there will be no need to leave during a quieter period. Secondly, if you wish to offer your property as a rental, it will have a year-round appeal and could generate more income. 

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