Why should you opt for RTA cabinets over custom cabinets for your kitchen?

Cabinets for your kitchen
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

RTA cabinets for the kitchen are a superior-quality, cost-efficient alternative to cabinets made by custom cabinetmakers. To put the parts of RTA units, you need to have screws, hinges, and wood. And all of them come along with your purchase. The benefits of this cabinetry are many. They are affordable, easy to ship, and convenient to manage. They can be assembled quickly at your good time. This work of assembly can be a great DIY project for you. If you deal with reputable RTA cabinet stores, you will understand that they don’t compromise on quality. They are likely to use only plywood and solid wood for the cabinets. But they never use particle boards.

Reasons for choosing RTA kitchen cabinets

There are plenty of reasons to purchase RTA cabinet units for your kitchen. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Affordable – The most prominent difference between a customized and an RTA unit is their price tag. Custom units may burn a hole in your pocket. Custom cabinets are always made on the basis of individual requirements and measurements. They need a good chunk of time to manufacture them. And, you know that time is money. So the cost of time is reflected in the price tag. But the good thing is, today’s RTA units come with many beneficial features without any extra hidden charges.
  • Easy to be shipped – Buying a pre-assembled kitchen unit seems to be a great idea in the first place because you can save time on the assembly. But the major downside to such units is the challenges of shipping. Custom-built units are really difficult to be shipped. On the other hand, RTA cabinets are packed in the flat box and arrived in the same. However, pre-assembled units arrive in large shipments. The size makes the shipping costly and inconvenient to move and also to store. As they are yet to be assembled, RTA units are less prone to damage. With such cabinets, you will have better control over the entire process and save on shipping costs. Moreover, custom units typically take many days to be shipped. It also adds an unpredictability factor which is not desired for any home renovation project.
  • Availability of designs – Any reputable RTA cabinet vendor used to feature their units in gray and white colors. Such units resemble white shaker kitchen cabinets.These two colors are an ideal match for the appliances, flooring, countertops, and walls. For the kitchen, you can find a wall, base, and tall cabinets in different sizes to fit your need. So, while shopping around online, don’t miss to check the product pages of different RTA cabinet makers to choose the right one as per your need and budget.
  • Convenience and ease – Deal with a leading company that can provide you with the right expertise, expert, and professional consultation. They try to give you an idea of the assembly process. They are also likely to have how-to-videos on their official website. While buying superior quality products, choose a reputable company that offers outstanding customer service and 100% transparency.
  • Savings – Another great thing about RTA units is the amount of money you can save on buying them. With them, you don’t essentially hire a professional to assemble the parts. If you have the zeal for DIY projects, this will be all yours. If you’re happy to deal with tools, assembling the parts of RTA kitchen cabinets will be fun for you. Also, it won’t take much time. Therefore, you can save on your time as well.

So, when it comes to buying RTA cabinetry for the kitchen, you can always go for them. The cabinets are affordable, stylish, convenient to be shipped and assembled. With them, you can save money too.