7 Creative Ideas for Decorating Rented Apartment

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Your home is your home, even if it is a rented apartment that you know you’re not going to stay in for a long time. You would want the apartment to reveal a few of your preferences and personality. In LA, you can find affordable Burbank apartments with great amenities and nearby tourist spots.. But it’s a difficult thing to achieve in a rented space that comes with several constraints on the lease. Besides, you don’t want to spend too much on an apartment that you’re not going to stay in for a long time.

Keeping all those factors in mind, here are seven creative and simple ideas for decorating your rented apartment.

Hanging Things from the Walls

If you want a place to feel like home, one of the first things you need to do is hang your favorite items from the walls. Do not be afraid to put a nail or two on the wall because you can repair it later with a bit of spackling. Now, go ahead and choose what you want to hang, such as acrylic painting, childhood photos, or a family portrait. It will bring your personality element to the apartment and make you feel at home in that space.

Go for Removable Wallpaper

Understandably, you despise those dull green, purple, or white colors that the landlord has chosen for the apartment walls. But there is no need to move in and start painting the walls right away, and neither do you need to live with those dull colors on the walls.

You can change the look of the space with just the right kind of removable wallpaper. The best part is that the wallpapers being removable let you experiment with different shades, patterns, and combinations. It will also be a cheaper option than painting the walls.

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Find Creative Ways to Hide Flaws

Hide the awkward spaces in your new apartment easily by getting them covered up with color fabric or curtains. It will hide the apartment’s flaws from seeming like an eyesore while adding a tinge of color or texture to the area. The way you hide the apartment’s flaws is your decision, and it’s based on the site in question. For instance, if there is a weird cut-out in the wall connecting the living room and kitchen, you can put up a chalkboard there as your workspace, instead of hanging curtains.

Add Colorful Carpets or Rugs to the Rooms

The right quality carpet or rugs might not come in for cheap but think of it as an investment. You are not going to throw away the rugs once you leave the apartment. You will simply take them with you to the next house or apartment you move into. So, invest in colorful rugs to brighten up the look of an apartment. Rugs and carpets are a great help if there are marks or stains on the floor you want to cover up from your sight.

Remove the Dull Blinds and Put up Curtains

Those boring, white blinds on the windows look like they don’t even belong to this era. And, they certainly don’t belong to an apartment that you want to turn into your own little home. Bid farewell to the mundane and welcome touch of modernity with Bumble Bee Blinds.

Therefore, get those blinds removed without further delay and get curtains in the brightest of colors. Think of yellow, green, teal, or fuchsia colors when buying the curtains, and use them for all the windows of your home. You will notice that the apartment instantly looks new, and there is an undeniable happy vibe to the space.

Change Those Knobs and Get Something New

It’s time to pay attention to the hardware in your new home, starting with the knobs on the doors and cabinets. If you don’t like the polished nickel door knobs and how they look and feel in your hands, go and find a brass or porcelain one that feels better and install it.

The same thing applies to the knobs on the drawers and cabinets. Unscrew the existing knobs and pull drawers and cabinets, and have them stored safely in a place. Have a separate shelf in the closet where you keep things to reinstall once again when moving out. Get new knobs and pulls in place of the old ones.

Add Greenery to Your Apartment

So, your apartment does not allow pets. At least, you can have your very own pet plant. It is certainly not an excellent replacement for an actual dog or cat, but it’s also something to call your own that you can nurture and help in growing. Now, don’t you go and grab the very first plant you can lay your hands on. Instead, get shade-loving plants that fare well when kept indoors.


A home is where your heart is. Thus all the people in this world want their abodes to be as beautiful as possible. Even a rented apartment can look just as beautiful and homely as anything. You need to have the right plan and ideas for it. And, the seven ideas given above will help you out immensely in this matter. They are simple yet very effective. So, start decorating your apartment and get your dream home without too much hassle and breaking your bank. 

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