9 Home Security Mistakes That Are Putting You At Risk In 2022

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Making mistakes is a part of our daily life. They help us learn about ourselves, as well as our surroundings, in a relatively harmless manner. Nonetheless, when it comes to tackling your home security, such a habit doesn’t work out well for us, and for good reasons too!


Well, for starters, it can make your residence more susceptible to burglary and theft. Besides, it can also prompt several environmental problems, such as floods creeping into your house and damaging it both internally and externally.

Due to this reason, having a professional alarm monitoring and home security system is essential for everyone.

However, that’s not what we want to talk about here. Instead, we are here to address the mistakes that put your house at risk of burglaries and thievery.

So, let’s begin.

Home Security Mistakes That You Must Avoid 

Most of us generally take various measurements to fulfill the security requirements of our residence. Nonetheless, we still make some silly mistakes that end up affecting our peace of mind and our sense of safety. Here’s what you need to know in this aspect.

Keeping Keys Outside 

Many people tend to hide the keys of their front door somewhere in their yard. It’s a pretty feasible idea, too, especially if someone’s taking care of the home in your absence.

However, unfortunately, the hiding spot of most of us tends to be pretty obvious. Yes, we’re, indeed, talking about the doormat sitting outside of your house.

When it comes to hiding something, we would ask you to be more discreet. Make sure to choose a place that’s the furthest away from your house. Using a fake rock can also be a viable option for you.

A Better Alternative: Installing a smart keyless lock system will make opening your door much more convenient for you. They offer more security and can help you avoid the issue of losing or someone stealing your keys.

Not Installing Outdoor Lights 

Most people think that installing outdoor lights only helps them in improving the visibility of their house. However, that’s not all, though. If placed strategically, it can also help you keep burglars and thieves away from your domicile.

We would ask you to install a motion-sensor light if you have an adequate budget. You’ll get an efficient amount of illumination. Besides, the light will also surprise people walking under it by following them incessantly. It works as an excellent thief deterrent if you ask us.

Keeping Valuables Near The Window 

Many people usually forget that windows create a two-way portal. Therefore, just like you can see outside, people from the outdoors can see what’s going on in your room as well.

Therefore, your risk of getting burgled increases if you have the habit of keeping your valuables in front of your window.

Leaving The Garage Door Open 

Like keeping the valuables in the line of sight, leaving the garage door open is another common mistake we tend to make prominently. This, in turn, helps the burglars map out the entry points in your house and create a well-designed burglary plan.

Pro Tip: If you have this habit of keeping your garage door open, we’d ask you to install a garage door sensor. It will close the same automatically once you have kept your house inside of the room and reduce your risk of thievery. You also need to pay a little attention to your backyard decking.

Forgetting to Arm The Security System 

Arming your security system is a must when you’re going out somewhere or before sleeping. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible for you to know if you’re being looted by someone else or not.

If you are a forgetful person, we’d ask you to set reminders or alarms to remind you about it. You can also opt for remote services to arm your security system at any time, anywhere.

Locking Your Doors And Windows 

Arming your security system isn’t going to be enough for you. Aside from this, you will also need to keep your doors and windows locked before going out. This way, you can bolster the efficiency of your security system even more.

Self-Monitoring Your Home Security System 

Performing your regular tasks and monitoring your house can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re in it alone. For example, if your phone’s network dies for some reason, you won’t be able to control your security system properly.

Due to this reason, we would ask you to opt for a team to monitor your house. It might be a little expensive, but you can at least sleep peacefully when someone’s watching over you, even when you can’t.

Installing Weaker Locks On Your Doors 

Let’s be honest; the traditional lock system is easy to break or picklock. Therefore, if you use such a system throughout your house, it will definitely be susceptible to burglary or thievery.

Using deadbolts can help you out to some extent in this regard. However, if you ask us, we’d tell you to use an anti-lock picking technology for superior security.

Not Having Enough Outdoor Lights 

Dark places are considered to be excellent hiding places. Burglars can also blend in pretty well with the environment if your house’s lighting isn’t powerful enough.

Therefore, you’ll need to do the most obvious thing to counter such an issue – add more lights, both in the front and backyard of your residence. You can also use a motion sensor lighting system to deter burglars efficiently.


Using a wide array of security systems is not going to help you improve your security system at all. Aside from this, you must avoid making silly mistakes, such as keeping your windows open or storing your keys outside.

Also, keep in mind that most burglaries tend to happen during the daytime. Hence, make sure to activate your security system whenever you are going out. Hopefully, it will help you deter burglars and keep your house as safe and secure as possible.

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