Why Choose a NeoStat to Control Underfloor Heating?

underfloor heating
underfloor heating

There are many reasons to choose a NeoStat to control underfloor heating, including: the ability to control all zones of the heaters from one central control panel, the ability to remotely operate the heaters and switch between heating modes, the fact that you can control the temperature of your heated rooms even when you are away from home, and the uniformity of heating to all rooms, halls and flats.


While we can typically be sure of the location of our homes, there are few places where we can be so certain of exactly where we are. On a recent trip to Mexico, for example, we realized that the phone we used to find our location was not working, so we had to rely on the mapping app on our phone. This is why it is important to use a geo-location system on the underfloor heating or vloerverwarming which will help find location of the heating system and notify us of any problems.

Optimum Start

Underfloor heating systems can be set up to automatically control your home’s heating. There are a number of different systems available and the one you choose depends on the features you need, the size of your property, and the heating you have already installed.

Holiday mode

NeoStat is the only device of its kind to offer holiday mode, a feature that allows you to keep the heating on at a lower temperature, even when the heating system is off. Also, you can set the heating to a specific temperature. The NeoStat works in conjunction with your existing heating system, meaning you can control the heating while the heating system is off.

Sensor selection

A small number of people with a background in electronics, physics, and heat pump design were involved in the development of the neoStat. Our goal was the creation and marketing of a highly reliable system that would be very simple to install and use. We were certainly not the first people to think of using sensors to control underfloor heating, but we believe we developed the best solution, and one that is easy to understand and operate.

Interested in installing underfloor heating?

For a long time, underfloor heating was considered the best way to heat a house. It combines a number of benefits: It’s silent, and it stays out of sight. It warms rooms without heating up the whole house, and it doesn’t warm up the hallway, bathroom, or kitchen. In addition, it’s a very efficient and cost-effective way to heat a home.

Why is underfloor heating on the rise?

Underfloor heating is a popular trend in the home and office spaces. This heating system is a method of heating a room through the use of an insulating material underneath the floor.  Underfloor heating is relatively new to the UK, with its popularity rising in the last few years due to its energy efficient nature and ease of installation. The technology has been around for decades, however it is only recently that it has become a widespread feature in new buildings and homes.

Final words

A neoStat is a great choice for anyone who wants to control underfloor heating from a smartphone. The neoStat has been designed to be as affordable as possible and as easy to install as possible, while still being able to offer the control you are looking for. Let’s wrap it up with a quick summary.


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