8 Simple Tips for Designing an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen

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There are a handful of reasons to keep the kitchen clean.

For one, it is the heart of the home. It is where we prepare food, eat, and spend time with family and friends. Hence, the kitchen should be a place of comfort, not anxiety.

This explains why a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen. After all, who would be comfortable eating food cooked in a dingy kitchen?

However, the key to having a clean kitchen is ensuring that it is easy to maintain its pristine condition. That said, we have listed eight tips you can follow to design an easy-to-clean kitchen:


Go with an induction hob

An induction hob is a device that can help your kitchen stay cleaner.

The induction hub has many benefits over the traditional gas stovetop or electric stovetop. One of its benefits is that it does not produce any smoke, unlike the gas stovetop, which has smoke when cooking on it.

Another benefit of using an induction hob is that it does not require fuel like electricity or gas. It has no nooks and crannies when you’re cleaning the induction hob. It’s a smooth, flat surface, so a simple wiping down makes it suitable to go.


Avoid a tiled backsplash

Tiles are often used as kitchen backsplashes. They are easy to install, come in various colors and styles, and are very durable. However, they are also challenging to clean.

The tile is porous, meaning it can trap dirt deep into the crevices between the tiles. This makes it difficult for soap or water to penetrate these crevices and clean them out. To get your tiled backsplash looking its best, you need a powerful cleaner that can dissolve grease and grime from these tiny spaces.

Thus, if you’re too lazy to do all that, you might want to avoid getting a tiled backsplash.


Opt for semi-gloss, smooth laminates

Tired of having to figure out how to clean sticky grease off your kitchen cabinets? Then you might want to reconsider the type of laminate that your kitchen cabinets have right now.

Instead of a super glossy laminate on your kitchen cabinets, use semi-gloss or smooth laminates.

Semi-gloss laminates are more resistant to scratches and stains. This is because the laminate surface is not as porous as other finishes.

Semi-gloss laminates are also easier to clean than other surfaces. This is because there are fewer pores on the surface of the semi-gloss laminate. Meaning, dirt and grime do not get trapped in them as quickly.


Pick a non-porous material for the countertop

At Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, we suggest that you should be more mindful of the material you’ll use for your kitchen countertop.

For example, a stone countertop that’s artificial or fortified is excellent for a kitchen counter. The non-porous material is better for kitchen countertops because it doesn’t absorb liquid, grease, and food particles. They are resistant to water or stains.

Porous materials like granite and marble are not a good choice for kitchen countertops because of that reason, so they’re harder to clean.


Select large tile or hardwood floor

A large tile or hardwood floor is better in the kitchen because it is easier to clean. It also has additional benefits.

For starters, you will notice fewer spills and messes on the floor. This is because the floor’s surface is larger and has more space for liquids to spread out before they reach the edges. The same cannot be said for smaller tiles or slate floors that are more susceptible to spills and messes.

These are the best options to choose from for easier cleaning in the kitchen.


Choose an under-mount sink

The quality of your sink is a vital aspect to think about when renovating or designing your kitchen. If your worry is cleanliness, then one thing that you have to think about is the type of sink you get, and in this case, the best type would be an under-mount sink.

An under-mount sink is a type of kitchen sink mounted below the countertop. This type of design has some advantages over other types of sinks.

The main advantage of an under-mount sink over other sinks is that it is easier to clean. The crevices are easier to reach, and there are fewer places for food particles to hide out. That’s because there are no corners or edges that are not flush with the counter.

Thus, it’s best for people who want an easy-to-clean kitchen.


Keep open shelves to a bare minimum

Open shelves in the kitchen can be a lot of trouble. They are lovely and look good, but they also attract a lot of dirt and dust. This can be more problematic if you have kids or pets.

Closed kitchen storage is the perfect solution for your messy kitchen. They are much easier to keep clean, are better for your children and pets, and are space-saving.


Choose neutral color

A neutral color scheme in the kitchen is a great way to make it seem like you have more space.

Many people will say that they want their kitchen to be colorful and fun. What they fail to realize is that kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the house.

Using a neutral color scheme in your kitchen will make it easier to keep the space clean and free from mess.

These kitchen design tips should help make it easier to keep your kitchen clean. Try these out when you want to decorate or redesign your kitchen if you’re going to retain its pristine condition.

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