A Guide to Removing Mold from Your Roof

Removing Mold
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Mold is a common problem in many homes, and sometimes no matter how much you try to reduce the risk, it always seems to find a place in your home one way or another, including your roof.

Roofs are a little more tricky to deal with as many people do not tend to look at them very often unless there is something wrong.

If you do a roof inspection and you do find that mold is present, there is no need to panic!
This piece will discuss how you can remove mold from your roof with minimal hassle.

● Get The Essentials

When removing mold from your roof, there are going to be a few essentials that will be worth having that can give you a helping hand on getting the worst off. Bleach is extremely useful in removing mold and mold marks, and can be used with a water combination to help get rid of mold, moss, and algae. Be careful if you decide to use a pressure washer, as it can damage the shingles or tiles on your roof.

There are also plenty of demolding chemicals and products on the market that claim to get rid of mold but also inhibit its growth. This can be beneficial to keeping on top of a mold problem as you will need to tackle it much less.

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● Sort Out the Source

If you have mold in your roof, there is a good chance that a leak is the source of your problems. Locating the leak is the first step to taking preventative measures to make sure this is unlikely to happen again.

Hopefully, the issue will be something minimal to fix. However, if you do find there is a deep, ingrained issue, it is important to speak to a professional. There are many roofing contractors that should be able to give you a detailed description and verdict on what your issue is, and how they can best help to fix it. It is much better to bite the bullet and ask a professional, then end up spending more and more money trying to work out what the problem is, and then trying to fix it yourself.

● Safety First

Falling in the home is one of the number one reasons people end up in the emergency room, which means even if you think you are being safe, think about if you could be safer. A harness and other safety equipment are a must if you are going to go up on the roof, but you also need to make sure you are physically fit and medically well enough to do so as well. Mold is definitely not worth an accident, so if you are not sure, then hire a professional cleaner that has roof and mold experience to put yourself at ease.

Mold on your roof needs to be treated, or else the issue can just multiply and cause other problems which can be detrimental to the integrity of your roof.

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