5 Tips To Use Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Better Cleaning

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Image by Eduard Reisenhauer from Pixabay

For us mere mortals, who can’t afford a cleaning professional, the robot vacuum cleaner is a God-send. This spinning circle of miracles sucks away the things that used to suck the life out of our day—hair, crumbs, fluff, and everything else that makes its way on our modern floors. 

There’s no need to vacuum every other day when the robot vacuum is here to keep your floors clean. We can walk barefoot without the annoying sensation of finding crumbs under our feet, and washing the floor is a more effortless endeavor when the fluff has already been taken care of.

This home appliance is highly convenient. You can set the time and day for cleaning and forget all about it. However, if you want to take full advantage of the robot vacuum, you might want to keep the following five things in mind to have your machine working at full capacity.

1. Don’t forget to clean your robot.

Cleaning your house with things that aren’t clean defeats the purpose of the task. If you want your robot to get every hair off the floor, you must remember to empty its bin when it’s full. This isn’t much of a task. You can set a reminder on your phone to empty it every three days or so, depending on usage, or you can assign the task to one of the kids. If you can’t be bothered to clean the bin, consider investing in robots that empty the bin themselves. Many latest robot versions are the answer to avoiding even the most straightforward robot vacuum task. Such robot vacuum empties its bin and gets on with it, without you having to think about it.

2. Figure out its obstacles

Modern robot vacuum with lidar is quite intelligent in avoiding obstacles and getting unstuck, but some things can cause it to stop. Strings in their brushes, certain types of carpets, and some furniture can become obstacles with the robot cleaner getting stuck. This usually results in frustration when you come home from work expecting a clean house and finding the robot stuck somewhere. If you hope to avoid such frustration, it’s best to keep these obstacles away from the robot. Clear away strings and fold carpets that your robot finds challenging. If there’s a piece of furniture where the robot gets stuck, place something near the furniture so the robot doesn’t get stuck under it or close the room’s door and assign a vacuuming schedule to the room when you’re home so you can be of help if it gets stuck. 

3. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

Modern robot vacuum cleaners come with an app to set a schedule, go through the log times, and view expired items. Such apps will warn you when the side brushes have expired and when the filter needs to be changed. When you get these warning signs, try not to ignore them. The side brushes and the filter are the heart of the vacuum robot. They are the ones doing the dirty work, and if they’re not working efficiently, you’ll notice that the vacuum will start leaving more fluff and hair on the floor. 

4. Consider giving your vacuum some assistance.

If you want to play the mean boss, then nobody is stopping you. You don’t need to do much except tap on an app to get the robot working. However, if you want to see optimal results, consider giving your vacuum some help. You can flip your dining room chairs on the table for more efficient cleaning and remove obstacles such as toys, shoes, pillows, and other items off the floor. The fewer obstacles the vacuum finds, the more efficiently it will work. 

5. Don’t expect miracles from your robot.

While the robot is excellent at cleaning fluff and hair, it’s not as good when cleaning food off the floor, especially wet food such as sauces, cheese, and other items. Unless your robot vacuum has a water tank to take care of such dirt, it’s crucial to clean dirt of this kind before switching the vacuum on. Otherwise, it will create a bigger mess and make the floor stickier. This goes for liquids as well. If the vacuum robot passes through an area with water droplets and other such items, it can make the floor look even dirtier. The kitchen is a prime example of this. Water droplets can easily fall on the floor when you are clearing the dishwasher or washing the plates. So it’s good to give the floor a good look before switching on the robot.

Once you keep these points in mind, there’s nothing much left to do but to enjoy your cleaning assistance—except maybe naming your robot, just to make him or her feel like part of the family. Who knows? There may be days when you will like your robot vacuum more than certain messy members of your family.