10 Most Popular Entryway Benches With Shoe Storage

Seville Entry shoe bench
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The entrance of your house is the place that gives the first impression in terms of décor and your interior. This place is where everybody first dumps all their belongings, especially their shoes, upon arrival. There are various ways to make this place both stylish and functional and one of them is acquiring an entryway bench with shoe storage. Shoe benches entryway provide a seating area while also acting as a shoe rack. The kind of entryway benches required largely depend on several variables. Small benches for entryway are mostly preferred by people without large families as they will be serving few people.

The material that is used to make the entryway bench also matters a lot when purchasing. Although there are many types of materials that make them, wooden entryway benches are the most preferred because of their aesthetic and the various choice of designs they offer, and their inability to damage the floor by scratching like metals. Although the entryway benches come in a variety of colors, white entryway storage is the most preferred due to their ability to blend well with the bright colors of most houses. The most popular entryway benches with shoe storage include;

Songmics Bamboo shoe bench

This shoe rack is made of bamboo and is mostly preferred by nature lovers. The entryway shoe bench is strong and durable. The seating area is featured by horizontal boards with 2 open tiers to store your shoes underneath. Each tier can store up to 4 large shoes, and the whole entryway bench can hold up to a weight of 120 Kgs.

Linon Carmen Shoe storage

This entryway bench combines style with shoe storage space. It offers about 18 slots that can hold both men’s and women’s shoes. The stylish entryway bench can hold the shoes inside and is mostly preferred for keeping shoes out of sight. It is lightweight and can easily be moved from one place to another as per your preference. Despite its lightweight nature, it can hold a maximum of 200 lbs.

Tribesigns shoe rack

This wooden entryway bench can accommodate heavy objects as it is made from high-quality solid wood. The seating has a leather cushion that has buttons all around. These unique features make it to be easily distinguished from other types. To avoid sliding or scratching the floor, the entryway bench has pads in the bottom of the legs. It holds a two-tier shoe rack.

Closet maid Entryway shoe bench

If you are looking for small benches for the entryway, this is a good option for you. This shoe entryway bench can be customized depending on your requirements, and it features 3 cubes that can be used either with drawer baskets or without. From white entryway benches to dark brown color, there are 4 available colors. The laminated wood that makes this entryway bench makes it durable and a favorite to many, earning it a top rate in Amazon.

Mr. Ironstone shoe storage bench

This entryway bench is made from Medium-density Fiberboard, commonly known as MDF, which is mostly used in making durable wardrobes and cabinets hence making it resistant to moisture and splinters. To provide comfortable seating and aesthetic appearance, the seating area is upholstered. The storage compartment is quite different from the others. It has two-tier shelves on one side while the other side is a large section where you can store shoes like boots. Additionally, it has a hidden compartment below the seating area, which offers additional storage space.

Seville Entry shoe bench

Made from synthetic fabric design with buttons, this is one of the entryway benches to die for. The seating area is padded and has 9 shoe compartments that can support up to 500 lbs. It has an option of removing some shelves to make space for boots and heels and is also foldable which means it can be moved with ease.

Vasagle 3-Tier Shoe rack bench

The entryway shoe bench is made from engineered wood and is resistant to moisture. The shelves are made of metal and designed in mesh form to increase airflow. Each mesh shelve can hold up to about 6 to 8 pairs of shoes with enough clearance fit for boots. The non-slip feet can also be adjusted to make them more sturdy.

NNEWVANTE Entry shoe storage

If you are looking for small benches for the entryway, this is a good choice for you. Despite its size, it is very elegant. The seating area is not padded. Instead, it is a smooth surface with a walnut finish with a thickness of 1.46 inches’. The strong legs, wide base, and thick board ensure that it supports heavy items.

TVOVT Entryway shoe storage with drawers

This entryway bench has a few details to distinguish it from the others. The light blue seating area is padded with buttons all around. The bottom rack is used as shoe storage, and the area above it contains three pulls drawers that can also be used for storage.

Roundhill Furniture Entryway Shoe bench

The seating area of the bench is made from chocolate-colored cushions that are made from Velvet which makes it comfortable to sit on. It has a wooden table frame that is painted black with metal slats being used as racks where you can place a wide range of shoes. This type of benches is also used by homeowners looking for small entryway benches.


There are a variety of entryway shoe benches available in the market that cater to people from all walks of life. Depending on your budget, sense of style, desired size, or the house’s existing décor, you can get one for your house. Not only will it act as a first impression for your guests, but you also get to take advantage of the extra space and ensure that your house is neat with no scattered shoes at the entryway.

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