Top 10 best foyer lighting ideas

Foyer lighting ideas
Foyer lighting ideas

It’s a collation of foyer lighting ideas that set a strong 1st impression. From high to low ceilings, these are stunning illuminated foyer lighting ideas.

A foyer is basically a rectangular room at the front door of the house. This is commonly where people hang or store their jackets, coats and umbrellas. Since the foyer is the first thing people see when they walk inside your home, it’s wise to leave a good impression. Lighting can help set a warm and stylish tone for the rest of your home. With the right foyer lighting, coming back home will be a nice and truly illuminating experience. No matter the size of your foyer entry, there are plenty of foyer lighting ideas ranging from decadent chandeliers to simple pendants. That said, let’s take a look at some of the best foyer lighting fixture ideas for your foyer that will improve this space to perfection;

1. Spherical pendant

There is something about a spherical pendant that brings about an inviting glow. It’s surely among the popular foyer lighting fixture ideas that are popular.  Furthermore, spherical pendants come in various designs and you can never run out of choices. A rounded table below the pendant can serve to complement it and bring about a warm tone. Determine your style and then go for it using your spherical pendant.

2. Double sconces

When it comes to small foyer lighting ideas, wall sconces are a suitable choice. The thing about sconces is that they add a touch of selective mystery to the ambience. It’s the perfect lighting that will beckon you to get home. Therefore, if you feel that hanging a chandelier in your small size foyer will appear over the top, make a statement by lighting your entry with double sconces. They will provide plenty of illumination on your foyer in a minimalistic manner. You can place a shapely mirror between the two sconces and a console table below. You can’t go wrong with sconces because they don’t take up any space.

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3. Color-matched pendant

Get creative by matching your pendant light fixture to the color scheme of your foyer. This will create a cohesive and gorgeous look. Depending on your style, you can mix prints and colors to create the effect you need. But in this case, the color of the pendant should match the main color scheme of the entire foyer. Cohesiveness is very important.

4. Single sconce

Double sconces are great but you can also go the single way. Sconces come in different kinds of forms and shapes. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time finding a single sconce that will match with your personality. There are even convenient options available that allow you to adjust the lighting to suit your mood or the time of the day. Artful sconces are perfect for wall décor and while at it, they will illuminate the foyer as required. Installing a single sconce is usually great for a subtle look and feel.

5. Chandelier

There are very few people who don’t like chandeliers and if you have the space for it, a classic crystal chandelier can cast a sensual play of light throughout your foyer. It is the perfect lighting for your foyer that will set the stage for greater things to come. A chandelier with colored crystal drops will set the space apart for a dramatic and truly bold entrance. Take a step further and create contrast with geometric furniture and an area rug. This way, it’s sleek and sophisticated but not entirely formal. Thankfully, when you go for a chandelier, there are endless options at your display for designing the foyer and ensuring it creates a good impression for your guests.

6. Whimsical pendant

When you choose the right one, a whimsical pendant can transform your foyer in a unique way. It gives you a feel of it being there for a special purpose. For a casual foyer, choose a whimsical bold light fixture that features a unique color, shape or material. But then be careful not to go for an overly fancy light fixture since the aim is to maintain a laidback feel. Keep it quirky rather than overly formal.

7.  Waldwick 4-Light Lantern Geometric Pendant

This is one of the best foyer lighting ideas for your kitchen or entryway. It’s a beautiful alternative to old-fashioned foyer lighting ideas. The frame of this product is matt black metal and has been equipped with many candelabra-style sockets to make it even better. I personally recommend LED dimmable and Edison decorative bulbs. The package after buying will equally include the ceiling fixtures and adjustable chains for hanging the light.

8.  Natarsha 4-Light Lantern Geometric Pendant

This pendant has open sides and a candelabra style allowing everyone a good way of realizing their dream design. It also gives everyone a chance to use their choice of bulbs. But I personally like the dimmable LEDs and vintage-style Edison bulbs. These bulbs add some sense of style to the whole work. The design and the functionality are equally charming for a dining room area, kitchen, and entryway. You can use it for wet locations such as the bathroom and the outside porches.

9. Capiz Pendant

This foyer lighting is an amazing product for a statement in the entryway. It is diffused by many capiz shell petals which makes the interior. Another adorable feature is that it’s going to cast the prettiest shadows on the wall. Despite the fact that it’s highly admired for an entryway, you can equally put it in other areas including the bedroom. It can work well with entryways with lower ceilings but I recommend buying Capiz Flush Mounts.

10. Jean-Baptiste 3-Light Jar Pendant

This is an evocative of an old-fashioned candle jar. It has picked a modern foyer lighting idea and design to accommodate up to three bulbs with a maximum wattage of 60 watts for each bulb. It is easily suspended with an iron collar and fixtures allowing the bulbs to be easily seen. This means that the bulbs supply enough light and at the same time make to be a decorative feature.

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