Things To Consider Before Installing Fence

Installing Fence
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Generally, when people look for a new house, everyone keeps a list of criteria. Those criteria include:

  • A larger kitchen with granite countertops.
  • A certain number of bathrooms.
  • Several bedrooms.
  • Several carpets
  • and so on.

Though, does anyone think about residential gates and fences? With many fence styles available in the market nowadays, a new homeowner must be well educated about residential gates and fences before you buy a new house.

Though, even if you have purchased a residence and it didn’t possess the fence you needed, do not worry. You can still construct one! Though, there are several things that you need to know before building a gate or fence. Hence, consider the following things before hiring any fence services in Fountain Valley, CA.

Know What You Want

Before the installation of the fence, ask yourself the reason for inducing it. If it is precisely practical, keeping the dog on the lawn, you can go for a normal chain-link fence. If you want to install it to add privacy or block noise, you will want something solid and tall.

Possibilities are that your intentions are complex. You want to add decorative elements to the residence of your house but also protect pets. No matter what your purpose is, a fence can work in several ways. However, the initial step is determining what you are looking for to select one that works for you.

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Know Your Property

Before diving into constructing a fence, do your homework. You require to know specifically the location of your property line. Also, take the time to talk about your project details with your neighbors.

Moreover, you will also have to research rules, regulations, and building codes in your city and neighborhood. The prime reason for this is there are chances that you are not allowed to build in the area your house is. Also, even if you are allowed, you might need to keep it away from certain areas, for example, sewers.

Eventually, also check with the association of your neighborhood. Many homeowners’ federations do not permit fences, and others allow certain heights, materials, and colors.

Consider Fence Materials

There are plenty of fence materials available in the market. A white picket fence is exemplary, but before purchasing wood whitewash and posts, think about the decision you’re making. Wood fences may need occasional sealing or staining. Also, you can rot and warp over time.

Plus, try considering a low-maintenance material, for example, vinyl. It makes it look like wood without the elbow grease. Other material alternatives include steel, aluminum, bamboo, and wrought iron.

Hire Professionals

Fence building is harder than it seems. However, the American Fence Association makes it simple to hire a local fence contractor. If you want to employ a pro, ask to look for examples of fences they have inducted. You need to go for hiring licensed firms and contractors since they’re generally insured and bonded.

Also, you should get at least three to five estimates from companies to get a clear image of how the firms stack up against each other.

Consider The Climate

Depending on the climate of the region, different kinds of material react differently. Wood shrinks and smells depending on the climate, types of metal can corrode more easily than the rest of them, and so on. You will need the kind of fence that is strong to your weather and climate, and temperature.


After the installation of the fence, you cannot simply walk away. A fence is a facility that requires routine care. Removing and weeding debris and rocks around the posts will help in preventing wood rot. Moreover, check for pests like carpenter ants, bees, and termites.

These things can result in considerable damage to your new fence. Ideally, you must hose down aluminum and vinyl fences approximately once a year with a clean cloth or any fence wash to stave off the buildup of moss and dirt.

Calculate Your Budget

Before reaching out to professionals, it’s encouraged to set your budget and know what you can pay for. Depending on your budget and the size of your property, it might not allow for a contractor. It means you’ll need to use other resources to induct your fence.

Be A Good Neighbor

When planning for your new fence, it’s crucial to discuss your fencing plans and designs with your neighbors. The reason for this is it’s important to think about their property and the views they might lose upon induction.

You should make your neighbors feel as though you considered your neighbors in the planning process. It will give you a nicer outcome in the future as not having a discussion could arise in a legal conflict and dispute.

Take Away

Deciding to induct a fence on your residence can be an outstanding addition to your house’s curb appeal. Also, it might boost the all-around property value from adding privacy and blocking the noise to keeping children and pets safe when outside. A fence is an attainable solution for every homeowner.

Though, before you dive into the installation and hire any of the good metal fence services the elements we mentioned above. Hopefully, these details will make your fence installation process smoother and easier.

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