The Interior Decor Trends for 2022

Interior Décor Trends
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Yes, the trends for 2022 are being staked out and making waves in design circles. The idea with trends in design is that they must be based on forward-thinking as there is often a time-consuming process of DIY and refurbishment that will be required to implement and enjoy these design trends. This article will provide you with some clear ideas to fill your time for the remainder of the year and get your interior up to standard and in line with current trends.

Retro Is Back

Retro is generally accepted to be any design ideas that have been around before. There are specific eras that people have focussed on and for the medium term, it is postulated that 70s design is the era of choice for interior furniture. Bold fabric patterns and colors are back in a big way and all the top furniture firms will be putting out a range of 70s-inspired furniture. Lava lamps are being used to create a contrast of color and movement with the darker shadows cast by the return of dark wood furniture in living spaces.

Wicker furniture has also made a return and for those who want a more natural plain/pastel look, then environmentally friendly woven bamboo seating and dining sets are suggested.

Wooden Floors Throughout

We all know that there will be no carpets in bathrooms. But for those who are health conscious and for whom time is short, then lay quality wood flooring throughout the interior as it can make a marked difference. Firstly, wood is easier to clean and secondly, it’ll hold a lot less dust than the cleanest carpet. With the modern range of natural wooden flooring products, you will be able to change color and patterns as you go, keeping the larger areas uniform while smaller rooms can get a more bespoke wooden floor treatment.

Smart Interiors

From lighting to sound, entertainment, and grocery management, the tech now exists that can integrate your interiors. The main motivation has been to increase comfort while saving energy, using home automation. Google or Alexa can now run your media and entertainment options, while smart tech integrated fridges linked to smartwatches and phones can monitor and adjust energy consumption. The fridge temperature can be automatically adjusted to suit the interior ambient temperature, and several other innovative home management tools now exist that are compatible and integrated with your existing mobile technology. The three main outcomes should be a home that is more sensitive to your needs, one that is connected and able to be operated from various remote points.

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Polka Dots

It’s related to the upsurge in retro interiors in that the polka dot suits bold colors and patterns. It provides for continued interest and the use of a combination of retro elements and polka dots, with crazy colors will provide a cozy maximalist feel. Keep it homely and yet exciting. The contrasting black and white polka dot is expected to be the mainstay for 2022, so it’ll be used for furniture upholstery, wall hangings, and rugs.

Crazy colors for feature walls

Feature walls in all rooms are a huge hit and it’s no wonder with the amount of time we spend indoors and in our rooms, it’s important to provide a dash of color. Keep it bright and then tone this down with soft furnishings and plain bed sets and duvet covers. Linen is a great option to accompany the crazy colors you choose.

Alternatively, choosing a wall art is also a great option

Interior room dividers

An open plan is still the most useful way to arrange your home’s living areas and rooms as it opens up all the available space. However, as people want a sense of privacy occasionally, interior screens will be popular in the short to medium term. As a design feature, they have been used best by the Japanese and it’s these lightweight, simple screens that are making a comeback.

The interior design trends mentioned above are all evergreen and will continue to provide both interior interests as well as serving to create a cozy home environment. Lastly, it is advised to plan any interior design in totality. Think of the inside of the house as an amalgamation of all the separate rooms and ensure that the room use and function are taken into account, so kitchens and bathrooms must have washable, anti-mildew high-quality wall paint round, while plain light colored wooden flooring will lighten up the smallest and darkest of hallways and entrances.

Start early, plan well in advance, and then try to enjoy the process.

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