Full form of home

What is the Full Form of Home?

What is home?

A home is a place where we live with our families and pets. Home is the safest and comfortable place to stay in the world.

What is the full form of home?

Ans: The full form of home is Housing Opportunities Made Equal.

The term Home is also used for many more purposes.

Such as:

1. HOME (Governmental » State & Local)

Full form: Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders


2. HOME (Miscellaneous » Funnies)

Full form: House Of Many Emotions


3. HOME (Community » Educational)

Full form: Homeschoolers Offering Mutual Edification


4. HOME (Community)

Full form: Housing Our Mob Everywhere


5. HOME (Community » Religion)

Homes Open For Ministry and Encouragement


6. HOME (Community » Educational)

Full form: Home-schooling Opportunities to Maximize Effectiveness


7. HOME (Community » Non-Profit Organizations)

Full form: Homes Open For Ministry Encouragement


8. HOME (Community)

Full form: Homeworkers Organized For More Employment


9. HOME (Community » Educational)

Full form: Helping Others Magnify Education


10. HOME (Community » Non-Profit Organizations)

Full form: House Of Modification Examples


11. HOME (Community)

Full form: Home Owning Made Easy


12. HOME (Governmental » Environmental)

Full form: Help Our Mother Earth


13. HOME (Community » Religion)

Full form: His Outreach Ministry and Evangelism


14. HOME (Computing » Software)

Full form: Hypermedia Object Management Environment


15. HOME (Community » Educational)

Full form: Hornets Online for Maximizing Education


16. HOME (Community » History)

Full form: History Of Middle Earth


17. HOME (Miscellaneous)

Full form: Hobby On Mars Everyday


18. HOME (Community » Religion)

Full form: Helping Others Meet Eternity


19. HOME in Medical

Full form: Healthy Outcomes Medical Excellence


20. HOME (Miscellaneous » Unclassified)

Full form: Homeowners Options for Massachusetts Elders


21. HOME (Business » London Stock Exchange)

Full form: Home Retail


22. HOME (Governmental » Energy)

Full form: Harness Oakland Mills Energy


23. HOME (Community » Music)

Full form: Helping Our Music Evolve


24. HOME (Miscellaneous » Automotive)

Full form: Hyundai Online Market Experience