Home Addition Planning Guide: Insights from Professional Contractors

Corner sofa for living room
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When you buy a home or build a new house, it is just perfect. But when years pass, trends and designs get changed.  You too feel a dream to get your home addition done.

So redesigning the home is the perfect time to have the dream home come true. It’s an opportunity to customize your living space to fit your specific needs and lifestyle changes. Whether you need additional room for your growing family members, guests, entertainment or create spaces for your workstation, the possibilities are endless.

Here we will explore the same in this guide. This home addition planning guide will help you to must-have changes done within your home. This will be the simplest planning guide ever ( and budget-friendly, too).

This planning guide talks about,

  • Maximizing the living space
  • Creating more bedrooms for children or guests
  • Home office
  • A space for a hobby or entertainment
  • Redesigning your home to fit specific needs

Maximize Living Space

There are many ways to maximize the living space and to make it more lively. No matter how much total square foot can be available to make it happen.

However, it depends on your needs, too. Here are the options that you can pick:

1. Expand your main floor

This is the most common home addition strategy. Your main floor has the most footprints of your homies. With the help of professional Home Addition Contractors, it can be done easily. They will remove unnecessary walls, pillars, or unnecessary dividers and can expand the same.

Not only for the main floor but this can be done for your bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, too.

However, if you have already maxed out your main floor or decided on the same, let’s move further.

2. Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture can be very much utilized. Why? Because it serves a dual purpose and saves space, whether it is a living room or a bedroom. 

What if the bed with a corner sofa, twin bed, double bed, or just simply multi-purpose? Yes, we are talking about a stackable bed. It is better to have a stackable bed than to have an ordinary bed. One piece of furniture but multi-functional. There are many other options available in the market like having a multi-purpose table whether you use it for the laundry room or for the dining room.

So consider buying multifunctional furniture and make them possess less space in your home.

3. Built-in-Storage

Vertical space is equally important just like other must-have furniture like beds, sofas, dining tables, etc. Consider having built-in shelves, storage, cabinets, and closets. This keeps things organized and so the clutter will be less.

It can be a staircase with nooks, a mirror with shelves and hooks, coffee table that is convertible to the dining table, there are too many options. Just take a tip from professional contractors because they can suggest the best.

4. Wall-mounted Fixture/Furniture

Floating desks, wall-mounted TV, shelves, the foldable table in the dining room, etc. can save space. Ultimately these fixtures and features free up room while still providing functionality and storage opportunities.

Utilize Attics and Basements

These often underutilized spaces can be transformed into valuable living areas with the right insulation and renovation. Unlock the potential of your attic or basement with the help of iFOAM insulation experts. Imagine the possibilities of having additional bedrooms, home offices, or recreational areas within your home. With the proper attention and expertise, you can maximize the functionality of these spaces and enhance your living environment.

Create More Bedrooms for Children or Guests

Creating more rooms, especially for children or guests, is one of the best ways to get your home addition done and dusted. There are numerous reasons to add extra bedrooms. However, when adding another one, it is important to ensure that it includes multi-functional furniture, offers comfort, and meets the specific needs of your children or guests.

However, here are some of the insights that you have to consider:

1. Room Division

Your master room can be divided into multiple smaller rooms. This is the most practical tip you can have from professionals. What you can do is, depending on the size, you can make your room divided by the wall or the sliders or anything possible that simply creates a place to sleep and optimize the available area. That simply creates a separate room.

2. Loft or Attic space for bedrooms

Loft or attic spaces are generally the extra space that is just below the roof and is used for storage purposes. But this space too can be transformed into a small single living bedroom. What you can do is, you can add on multi-functional furniture available with storage space. And thus your loft or attic will be available for having as a bedroom.

However, don’t forget to install insulation, headroom, etc.

 3. From Basement to Bedroom

Yes, just like the loft or the attic, the basement too can be transformed into a bedroom. However, basements generally have poor ventilation. So, make sure you get done the waterproofing, appropriate lighting, sliding doors, a window seat, and last but not least, airy and lively. This can be a great idea for the room addition.

Home Office Space

Earlier people generally have their workspace or desks available in their room. But due to the past pandemic situation of COVID-19, demand for home office space has increased. Because since then most of the work has been digitized and people are more interested in working from home or hybrid.

However, having the home office space has multiple benefits. So let’s move ahead to discuss how you can make the home office space available.

1. The Right Location

Home Office space must be at a location where you have fewer distractions and which is quiet. So the location should be away from the high traffic zones. Also, make sure your space should have natural lights and good ventilation because nature and the air make you feel pleasant. And ultimately you will end up having a fresh working environment.

2. Ergonomic Setup should be done

Ergonomic setup has scientific effects on the human mind. Therefore, in your home office space, you should consider having ergonomic furniture. These furniture include high-quality and well-designed chairs, desks, and other important office furniture. This furniture makes you feel comfortable and less tired when you work for long hours.

Create space for a hobby or entertainment

Must have space suggested by professional home addition contractors to have a space for a hobby or entertainment. It should have a designated space within your home because it offers multiple advantages like focus and concentration, stress relief, having fun after a long tired day, improving your skills and creativity, etc. Because it is all about hobbies and entertainment.

Let’s talk about the suggestions for creating the room for a hobby or entertainment within your home and your life too:

1. Game Zone

Age is just a number. Forget about the age. Let the game zone possess some space within your home. Install the screen or monitor appropriate lighting and sound system for video games. And don’t forget the basic, board games!

2. Craft Room or the Art Studio

The craft room is the best when it comes to enjoying crafting, painting, or any other aesthetic hobby you have. There always should be a dedicated space within your home for you or your kids, which you can call MY ART STUDIO!

3. Music Room

Music enthusiasts, it is your turn, now. Set up a small space if music is your hobby or for entertainment purposes. Your music room must have comfortable seating, necessary music equipment, and soundproofing to minimize noise disturbance. So that it won’t be a disturbance to others in the house.

4. Home Theatre

A little space again for fun and entertainment. Transform the attic or the basement into the home theatre. Install comfy sofas and a large screen with good quality sound system. And there you go. You have the remote control in your hands. You can enjoy binge-watching with your fam jam or with your movie date.

5. A Small Library

If you are a person who loves reading books, you know how important having a library is. So consult a home addition contractor and get a small cozy library installed within your home space. Your small library must have comfy seating, fresh air ventilation, and a multifunctional bookshelf filled with your favorite books.

6. Fitness and Yoga Space

For fitness enthusiasts, it’s worth considering dedicating some space in your home for personal workouts. Consult with home addition professionals to help you create a designated area. They can assist in preparing a small room equipped with workout equipment, yoga mats, and other fitness accessories.

We always dream about the home. So redesigning the home is the perfect time to have the dream home come true. Here comes the home addition to the role. It can be anything to you like increasing the value of your home, adding a new room, or your dream walk-in closet.

Redesigning your home is all about making it work better for you and your family. It’s an opportunity to customize your living space to fit your specific needs and lifestyle changes. Whether you need more room for a growing family, want to make your home more accessible as you age, or create dedicated spaces for work or hobbies, want a home gym, a cozy home theater, a meditation room, or a dedicated space for your creative pursuits, the possibilities are endless.

End Note

Home addition and redesigning your home can bring your dreams to life and enhance your living space. With professional guidance and a well-planned approach, you can embark on this transformative journey and enjoy the benefits of a thoughtfully designed and personalized living environment.

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