Love For Sectionals! Ideas To Transform Your Living Room Into A Cozy Hub For Guests

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First Things First. What Is A Sectional?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this versatile piece of furniture, a sectional is, just as its name might suggest, a sofa that is made in sections in such a way that each of its sections can be used separately as standalone chairs.

Sectionals are a more compact yet sizeable alternative to standard full sized sofas. They are particularly useful if you regularly host people at your home or if you have a large family. Even though sectionals have only been gaining popularity relatively recently, it may well be because the variety of sectionals available in the market today have much more sophistication, and look a lot more elegant and sleek than their equivalents that date back to earlier years.

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However, the best part about sectionals is that they can be a lot more versatile than they may appear at first glance. They are suitable for use in smaller rooms as well as larger ones. With the options available today, you can comfortably and appealingly fit a sectional in a small study room as well as in a large opulently decked up living room. In other words, sectionals are able to deliver effortlessly on both functionality and aesthetics alike. But before you head off to a sofa set showroom, read on and find out more about sectionals!

Why Should You Consider A Sectional?

When deciding how you want to lay out your living room – or any living space, for that matter – the first thing you will need to consider is the choice of seating. It goes without saying that the choice of seating is what the foundation of the living space as a whole will centre around. While the very activity of selecting the perfect sofa or sectional may seem like a daunting exercise, which is only made more complicated by the possibility of requiring to install more seating as well as the likelihood of entertaining guests at home, space constraints and even one’s own budget, the good news is that a sectional is probably the right choice for you regardless. Here are some of the advantages a sectional offers you:

1. Ample space for more

Arguably, the biggest attraction of a sectional is the fact that it offers an adequate amount of seating space and it is ideal for lounging and even for putting one’s feet up. While it may not seem obvious at first, some sectionals, depending on their size, can even provide more room for people to sit than a traditional sofa can!

2. Can be placed anywhere

Sectionals, being compact in nature, can be placed practically anywhere you want. Many people tend to think sectionals are suitable only for larger rooms, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sectionals will significantly help you increase your seating choices and optimise the total seating space in a smaller area, especially if you place a sectional in a corner.

3. Helps to create smaller spaces within a larger space

Another great advantage of a sectional is that it helps to break up an open floor plan. Even though the airiness and spaciousness of an open floor plan are hard to beat, the broadness and shape of the sectional help to create distinct “sub spaces” within the larger room itself.

What Kinds Of Sectionals Can You Choose?

In today’s world, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to the availability of sectional sofas. In other words, you will be spoiled for choice. Some of the typical variants of sectionals are described below. Read on to get a better idea of the various kinds of sectionals that are available today, so that you are better equipped to make a choice that best suits your requirements.

1. L-shaped sectional

Just as its name suggests, this sectional forms the shape of the letter L, making it look like two sofas that have been joined together to form a right angle. The most common arrangement of an L-shaped sectional is a three-cushion style merged with a two-cushion style. However, there are larger four cushion styles merged with three cushion styles as well. This type of sectional is the most versatile and adaptable, and it can easily be fitted in a corner or even the centre of the room.

2. Chaise sectional

The chaise sectional is basically a sofa with an ottoman attached to one of its sides. You could visualise it as a simplified version of the L-shaped sectional, and it too can be positioned anywhere you would position a sofa.

3. Curved sectional

With an appearance resembling a piece of art, the curved sectional helps to bring sculptural and aesthetic appeal to any living space. However, it is important to keep in mind that its shape means it cannot be positioned perfectly aligned against a wall, and therefore you may need to position it in a different part of the space.

4. U-shaped sectional

The U-shaped sectional is the perfect layout for you if you have a large area to fill with seating or if you want to maximise the overall seating capacity in a room. This type of sectional is ideal for people to have a conversation because its two sides are such that they face each other.

5. Modular sectional

Modular sectionals are those that come in separate pieces which you can rearrange as you deem fit. These are in contrast to traditional sectionals that come in multiple pieces and connect only in a specific arrangement.

6. Sleeper sectional

Who said sectionals were only about aesthetics and charm? Sectionals can serve as an option for sleeping as well as sitting, making it a multifunctional piece of furniture. Sleeper sectionals are most often featured along with chaise-type sectionals.

Now that you know about the advantages of sectionals as well as the numerous types that you can choose from, you are all set to incorporate one into your living space. There is no shortage of luxury furniture, but by being aware of the requirements of your space and the type of sectional that would suit your space the best, you are now ready to make your home all the more elegant!

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