5 Things That Instantly Improve Curb Appeal

Improve Curb Appeal
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Curb appeal affects the general beauty of your home and surrounding property. 

It is the basis of how visitors judge your area when they drive into the neighborhood, not to mention can be the bane of your neighbor’s existence if they put in massive amounts of effort into maintaining their curb appeal while you struggle to keep your lawn trimmed.

If you’re feeling a little guilty for letting things slip over the last few years, don’t worry – this article will help you identify five ways that you can instantly improve your property’s curb appeal.

Some examples of things you can try today include the following:

1. Add Landscaping

A super effective way to instantly boost curb appeal is to landscape your garden. Add some fresh greenery, such as pot plants or hanging flowers, and give your property a boost of exciting energy.

You can get the same effect with planters and window boxes, plus (as a bonus) they add extra charm and character to your home.

2. Paint Your Door

Painting your front door can be one of the easiest ways to add a vibrant pop of color to your property. Choose a bold and cheerful color like red, blue, or yellow, and give your visitors something to smile about as they drive in.

You must be careful and choose a paint brand and type that can weather the, well, weather. Look for paint with added UV protection, especially if you live in a sunny climate. Once your door is dry, add an extra dose of beauty by putting a wreath on it.

Wreaths can get used year-round if you’re clever about what materials you choose. Try to theme them according to the season – for an added element of fun and to help style your front door.

3. New Garage Doors

One of the most overlooked places in a property is the garage. Many people neglect theirs because they don’t notice it as much as the rest of the house. 

That will all change when you add gorgeous new garage doors. Choose a stylish option from a reputable company like Canadoor Garage Doors. The right doors can give your entire property a much-needed facelift and bring it into the modern age.

4. Symmetrical Enhancements

Symmetry is one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. Symmetrical patterns and landscaping designs instantly add a ton of curb appeal to your property. By effortlessly creating focal points that are easy on the eyes, symmetry can be added in multiple ways.

Plant matching shrubs alongside your driveway, install matching garden lights or add matching statues to the tops of your gate walls.

5. Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your home’s gutters isn’t just crucial from a maintenance aspect, but from an aesthetic one too. Dirty gutters make your house look like slobs live in it!

Keep your gutters clean and looking shiny and new by checking them weekly during the months leading up to winter, and in spring. Twice monthly should suffice for the rest of the year.

To End

Curb appeal keeps house prices higher in an area and helps you feel proud of where you live – and everyone deserves to smile when they see their home!

Alexander James
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